Walking in the Woods

Walking in the woods does a lot of wonderful things to the body and mind, and spirit.

One feels one with nature as listening to the chirping birds, smelling the smell of leaves, seeing colorful flowers, feeling the drizzling rain falling softly on one’s face, and inhaling fresh cool air are all incomparable experiences on a lazy Sunday weekend. For us, at least.

Such was what we did yesterday (Sunday) morning. We were not able to have a picnic on our picnic mat as we planned to because of the drizzles but we had fun nonetheless.

Have you tried this experience or are you one of those who feel more at ease in an air conditioned place where sights and sounds intertwine endlessly during Sundays?

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  10. It was Rachel, and it does wonders to stressed out people like me 🙂

  11. bertN, funny how we have to travel a bit to do some walking because the place where we live is not that conducive for walking I see some older people walking by our place every morning, around 5:30am like clockwork, there used to be only two but now the number have grown.

    That place is in your college alma mater 🙂

  12. That must have been fun and rewarding. I wish we can have the chance to do the same.

  13. “Walking in the woods does a lot of wonderful things to the body and mind, and spirit” – it does to me and MORE.

    I discovered the joy of walking when I was still a young student and I never let up to this day. I feel sorry for folks who take a ride or drive even for the shortest of distance.

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