Frugal Christmas: Personalized Gift Tags

Over at the, we have a started a meme called Fab Holiday Finds in an anything goes theme for the first week.

In this blog, I thought of follow-up posts to my entries in the meme.

Why? I plan to feature those things that I plan to do as a way of practicing a Frugal Christmas without skimping on quality.

Here is one idea: Personalized Christmas Gift Tags.

Click here for the cost and materials. Scrap booking embellishments are great to use with these ones.

Gift-giving is not measured with a price tag attached. Gift-giving should be practical. Why give clothes and bag to someone who has a lot of these?

For me, practical gift-giving is one where the recipient will be able to not just appreciate but also use the gift. Take for example a bicycle, would this be useful to a child who has no space to learn how to ride it?

Practical gifts for wives may be things that can be used in the home to make work easier.

For car owners, auto insurance are great gifts too.

So how far can one practice a frugal Christmas without sacrificing on quality and making the season overflowing with wonderful memories to cherish?

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