Looking for Baked Goodies Recipes

I am on the lookout for the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe or the perfect fudge recipe.

Why? I plan to give these away to relatives and friends.

Because I am determined to practice “Frugal Christmas” though of course, because I have forgotten the baking lessons I have had eons ago, I may even be spending more than I care to if my baking forays will end up as failures.

Not to mention getting those necessary equipments for these experiments mean another extra dip in my already dwindling resources, I am still determined to do these and not shop for other gifts besides those for my students.

Below is something I made that comes from a recipe for blueberry muffins but I decided to put these in mini loaf pans so the kids can have slices instead of muffins. Turned out ok, I guess since they ate everything. Or maybe they were just hungry.

If these are not too good to give away, if they are edible at least and not life-threatening ( 😀 ), my kids would be more than willing to have these for themselves. I know how they loved baked goodies.

For those people I know who are eternally looking for the best fat burner, hah, get ready to eat these baked goodies once I perfect the procedure. As if.

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  3. oh wow so cool baking is a good idea to save i guess. i wish i knew how to bake!

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