Bonifacio High Street at Night

Saturday was spent having sessions with my enrichment students from 8am till 5pm. Sunday was spent staying in except for mass during the early evening.

When my husband and children came to pick me up around 5pm, I was so hungry that we went directly to a restaurant and didn’t have time to go to church for the anticipated mass because it was a bit late for that.

We decided to go to Market! Market! so that I could get some books at the weekend book sale of a popular local bookstore chain.

I got a number of books to be given as gifts. Yes, bargain books as low as PhP20, like the earlier ones I got. Of course, this was in line with my keeping a frugal Christmas 😀

Anyway, a night stroll at Bonifaco High Street and Serendra was a delight! We did have some problems with the parking though, everywhere was full. Course, that being a Saturday night.

There were so many colors to see at night. The place is huge with open spaces where children (and pets) can move about.

Having to pass by Krispy Kreme was tempting so we gave in to temptation and gave the children some sweet treats.

Those Reese’s doughnuts (upper right part) were my personal choice.

If I have to go on like this during the holidays, I think I may need some diet pills for me 😀

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  2. oh i can just imagine the parking brouhahas during this time of year! that’s a very nice shot teach!:)

  3. Oh wow.. that looks so splendid! And those doughnuts look so inviting!

    My weekend snapshots are here and here should you want to check it, too.

  4. Wow! SO many yummy donuts. Yup, the Reese’s doughnuts look so appetizing and i hope to have one also. ;p

  5. Oh Julie, I see the snowmen! 😀

  6. I’m not a good gift buyer so I just gift my list cash or gift card on Christmas or whenever. I was told by my well-meaning friends and my socially knowledgeable intimates that it is a notch lower than taking my time to shop for them. Are they out of their mind! If I have a choice.I would rather buy my own gift than leave it do somebody else to do it for me. What say you? LOL.

    Btw, when my would-be-wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her to just tie a ribbon around her neck and come to me. She did! And we have been married for 42 years inspite the ups and downs in our marriage all the years.

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