A New Bike!

The kids got their Christmas gift a week earlier before Christmas: a new bike (which they had to share since we still have a bigger and rarely used bike which belongs to my eldest daughter).

Biking in the house ain’t fun so we bring this bike if we go to my hubby’s family home where  the streets are much safer to navigate than those in front of our house.

Here is my son, guiding his bike as he gets ready to tackle the wide roads of our favorite weekend place, that place where we go walking in the woods on Sunday mornings, and/or have picnic,  and/or go to hear mass.

Just the perfect place to learn to ride a bike, which is like a bikers’ “heaven” during Sundays.

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  5. Wow, that’s a great Christmas gift. Hope your kids enjoy that new bike.

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  7. Wow! A new bike as Christmas gift. I’m pretty sure your kids are very happy and grateful. 🙂

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