How Was Your Christmas?

Christmas has come and gone but the memories are still fresh.

We posted about ways on how we could possibly spend a  Frugal Christmas without sacrificing quality.

We shared about Christmas traditions.

We shared our fondest memories of Christmas when we were younger.

So now the Weekly Question asks:

How was your Christmas?

My answer:

Christmas was great although hubby and I were not able to rouse the kids from sleep to have the Noche Buena with us.

They were up and about early on Christmas Day where we spent breakfast in hubby’s family home with his siblings. Their mom (my MIL) is not here so lunch was canceled. Gift-giving was done as well as taking photos by the tree.

While these were happening, hubby’s brother and his family in VA were on Skype, as well as a BIL’s who was with MIL then, girlfriend in CA was online too.

We trooped to hubby’s aunt’s home where we had lunch and we stayed there till late afternoon.

We went to church after that and went home merry and tired, even if I thought these thoughts about Christmas.

Share how you spent your Christmas here.


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7 Responses to How Was Your Christmas?

  1. Hi, juls!

    Mine’s already up. Thanks!

  2. ooppsss … wrong blog there. lol. this is the right link po. 😀

    take care!

  3. wonderful to know that you had a wonderful time, T. Julie! good thing there’s internet! ;P

    happy new year!

  4. It would be wonderful if somehow all family could share Christmas together, but as stated above, technology is great.

    Although,I missed being with my older daughter, it sure was nice to have her send me a picture of her gift.

    <a href=””My Christmas

  5. Wow that great Julie! Ang saya…and technology is really nice cuz it bridges the gap between countries, right?

    Spending Christmas here

  6. mine is up, T Juls!

    Merry New Year!

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