Weight Management in Children

Last night over the radio, I heard one of the hosts say something about appetite suppressant and of course my interest was piqued so I asked hubby to turn the volume up.

Alas, the topic shifted to thrombosis so I was not able to listen to what they have to say about the first topic.

Why do I need to listen to that topic?

Because one mother of a student was thinking about getting these for the child since at four years old, the child is (very much) overweight. A discussion with the child’s other therapists and doctors will be scheduled for the weight management of this child.

I hope the management plans would be successful.

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  3. Hi Julie.
    As a former pediatrician, I often get into arguments with pedias here in the Philippines about weight management. (I was trained in the US, where we really had to counsel parents on the risks of being obese in early in childhood.) Daming excuses!
    Sad thing is, I just met up with a friend of mine from high school. Her 30-year old sister was diagnosed diabetic two years ago and she now has irreversible kidney disease. She’s only 30!
    I remember that her sister was an obese child, and we used to find her ‘cute’. But now, I am sure noone finds it cute that she has advanced diabetes (at 30!) and may need kidney dialysis in the near future. And she’s only 30!!! (Did I say that already?)

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