Palm Sunday Thoughts

Today is the celebration of Palm Sunday.

Ask the children and young people of today  if they know the significance of this special day and chances are, most of them don’t know what it is and why it is being celebrated. They just wave their coconut palms and get in line to be able to have the Holy Water hit their bodies.

People in the not-so-distant past have been so religiously attentive to these church celebrations, in contrast to how people are these days. And if those who belong to the older generation are gone, would these traditions still continue?

For those who are non-Catholics, they have their own versions of celebrating the Palm Sunday and one of these would be through prayers.

How did you spend Palm Sunday and what were your thoughts during that day?

My answer:

Palm Sunday was spent online in the morning and a little after lunch. I was able to amuse myself with Plurking, communicating with real-life and virtual friends through the net while waiting for hubby who went somewhere to do some damage-repair to a very big problem that came up last Friday.

Palm Sunday was spent getting worried and thinking deep thoughts and I can swear I can actually feel white hairs springing on my head and fine lines slowly creating creases on my face.

Palm Sunday was spent going through mazes of problems in my head that just thinking about these made me feel dizzy and disoriented through a lot of blind spots and yet I find my way back to where I started.

I know I have said that we have to be positve and learn to move forward but I also believe that we also have to learn to do introspection, mulling things over to know what could be done to achieve what needs to be done

I am by the way, talking in circles here but I am really hoping that everything will go well soon or I might go nuts and I am not kidding 🙁

UPDATE: The post above was written Sunday morning while I was Plurking.


The priest mentioned the noted difference in the number of the crowd during mass yesterday. He said something like during the church’s special occasions, the attendance doubles and he just hopes that the people did not just go to church so that they can have their palm fronds (palaspas) blessed so that they have something to put in their homes.

Kinda harsh but this is true and I think it just happens during opportunities of getting more blessings, and not really as a way to celebrate Jesus’ truimphant entry to Jerusalem which start the commemoration of the Holy Week. Ordinary Sundays yield few people.

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  1. hope things worked out fine …
    my entry’s late late late! 🙂

  2. I hope that the problem you mentioned has been resolved. If not, I hope that things will work out for the best.

    Here’s my entry:

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