Looking for Balloons and Other Party Needs

I have been thinking about starting a balloons business with my mom since she has already clients in the province who orders balloons, birthday cakes, invitations and party needs from her.

Of course I wouldn’t want to tire myself while I traverse the roads going to Divisoria yet, where everything is being sold in retail prices, so I got to turn to online Classified Ads to see what it has on these party needs that I may write on my list when I have the resources and time in place.

And because I am excited, I decided to dream on when I saw this:


I must say this is quite a wonderful way to advertise a balloons/party needs biz 😀

We are no strangers to dealing with online transactions since we got several gadgets bought from online sources. Coming from QC we look for labels “For Sale Quezon City” so we won’t go far to save on gas and time.

The positive side of having online ads would be great. Imagine how taxing it would be to look for jobs while doing leg work while the weather is hot and there is traffic on the streets and wearing your best clothes?

It used to be “let your fingers do the walking” thing using print ads but now, almost everything is done with the click of a mouse, including presenting yourself to a host of prospective employers!

Anyway, I am gearing off topic, I gotta get back to balloon hunting for now. Ciao!

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