Maundy Thursday

With the onslaught of commercialism and worldly pleasures, the celebration and remembering of the essence of Holy Week is not as it used to be.

A few decades ago, people were more prayerful, more solemn and remember the trials and tribulations of the Lord Jesus Christ. Things have changed now.

Maundy Thursday these days is the day that people start going to their vacation destinations. I see nothing wrong in that especially since there is always a five or four day vacation (or more) to those who work hard to earn a living.

Yes, they earned this right to go on a vacation after working five or six days inside metal buildings or maybe even exposed to the elements.

But then again…

Maundy Thursday, according to Biblical sources and church traditions too, is one important day in the Holy Week.

I have written  in this post:

Maundy Thursday is about cleaning, which was probably the origin of spring cleaning, in preparation for Easter. It also symbolizes not just the cleaning of the physical environment but moreso, the cleansing of the soul, the heart and mind so that when the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection comes, we are more than ready to accept Him in our lives.

I don’t mean to say that people go about washing the feet of people they meet on the streets, just like what Jesus did.

Maundy Thursday is reflecting about our actions and trying to do things that will benefit others. It is a day we think about the things we may have taken for granted and situations where we can show our humility and appreciation of what others are doing for us.

This thought definitely hits a spot about me too.

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