Nuvali One Evotech

Nuvali One Evotech Building is a cool structure. And by cool I mean literally cool.

One Evotech, Nuvali

The building was designed to have cool air entering the premises and plants planted between ramp-like pathways to encourage easier walking. There is only one elevator which, if one uses these ramps would not be used, especially for those who want to have some “leg work” done.

This green building was built according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) standards.

Another green building with green roofs was also visited in this trip, along with a visit to beautiful green homes. I’m not sure if Baldwin door hardware was used in these homes but I am sure that recyclable materials and minimized use of artificial lights are a part of the package.

It would be good for these homes to use Eco-Furniture too.

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