My Papa at 72

Looking at my papa makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. I feel happy because he looks better now than he was a few years ago almost fighting for his life. He is still himself, opinionated, early riser and noon napper. At 72, not all his hair is white and his favorite drink is still that dark liquid that fizzes when opened, haha.

He has retired for almost two decades. He still works, manning the small store and taking charge of newspaper subscriptions of several offices in our small town. Although he has no disability insurance, he and my mama get by with the income they have with the small business and even make some extra from other referrals from cake and balloon orders.

They are both well, thank God, for they eat healthy food and get enough rest. They get to eat fast food once or twice a week and not feel faint nor queasy.They don’t scrimp on the things that will make them healthy so that they will not spend on medicine and doctors’ fees.

I am thankful I have them as my parents for they do not just love me and my brother unconditionally, they also love their grandchildren a lot, without a doubt.

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