Facebook: Keep (Some of Your) Status Updates Private

I see the need to keep some of my status updates in Facebook private or for the eyes of those people who need to read what I wrote. This is especially true when it comes to personal posts that concern my family.

I don’t confirm “friend requests” of merchants selling clothes, diaper bags, shoes, rv insurance or those from people I know who constantly need votes for their entries to contests.I constantly hide these posts where FB contacts are tagged by merchants with the things they sell. #annoyingFBtaggedposts

I had my Facebook contacts grouped according to how I met them, how I interact with them and how personal my relationships are with them.

People I don’t know from Adam see very limited info from me while I hide their posts too. People can’t post on my wall and if they have anything important to say to me, they can very well send me a private message, email me (if they have my email address) or send me sms (if they have my mobile number). Yes, I get friend invites from people I didn’t know existed. Meh.

I value my privacy even if I have a lot of blogs and am engaged in three social networking sites. Most of my posts in these networking sites are in private, except when I have to make it viewable because I joined a contest, LOL.

So, do you keep your Facebook posts private or is your site a free for all?

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