Everyone who has a Google+ account has been raving about why they like it. I for one like the Circles part although I must say I am baffled as to why people are adding me in their circles when I don’t know them at all.

Of course, I would not abandon Facebook especially since I have a big “garden” to tend and my family, close friends (and clients too) are there.

Some things I like about Google+

  • Google+ is the place where I don’t see those annoying tagged products for sale.
  • Google+ is where I don’t get game requests for games I’d rather not see not because I don’t want to but because I might get hooked 😀
  • Google+ is where I don’t read about the nonsensical babble of people who rant on and on about what they ate, where they went, and what they think about about topics that don’t held my interest
  • I’ve read articles and watched videos that were shared in Google+ and I must say I’m learning knew things when I click these links

As of now, I pretty much don’t participate actively yet in the discussions nor put links from my blogs because I’m still feeling my way there.

One thing though for me, please Chrome, stop crashing, I beg you.

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