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So you’ve heard about Facebook Timeline and you want one? Here’s how to get your own Facebook Timeline. The easier way would be to find friends who already have and just click a button whereabouts his/her page so that you can get yours too.

Here is my current Facebook Timeline Cover Photo:

My Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Pixie Pixels or Photo Stories is my photo blog.

At first Facebook Timeline looks weird, because it looks like an online magazine with different sections. It takes some time to get used to it. The wonderful thing is, it is like blogs, with archives according to year and month. For bloggers like me who are used to having archives, this is a great tool should I need to go “back in time” and look for that link I shared some time ago. It may be that link about a funny video on YouTube, the appetite suppressants for men I shared with a friend or something interesting in a link I shared that I have to write about.

Did you get annoyed with the new Facebook changes? I did, still am, with that ticker box that’s like a Stalker Haven, 😀


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