Rush Hour Crowd

I am not fond of commuting during rush hour. If we travel by car, this means traffic on the streets and yes, traffic which makes us lose time, waste gas and get agitated we’d be late to wherever we are going.

If we travel by the train, well, this is definitely easier. There is a major issue though: mad crowd. I mean throngs of people, lining up a few hundred meters long till they reach the first step of the first flight of stairs that will take them to the MRT platform.

They will not obviously push you but you will feel it. They will not shout at your directly to move your big bag away so they can pass. Or wait, was it directed to the one behind you? And yeah, can you please move an inch because all of you want to go home already and the train won’t move if this person is preventing the door to close?

No one is a VIP here. No one.

  • Women have big bags you’d think they have the home sink in it
  • Guys holding briefcase for men with their laptops and documents.
  • Students with their big bags and white uniforms (though not all)
  • Moms with their children in tow.
  • People with headphones played so loud you know what they are listening to
  • People who sit like they think the seat is their personal property
  • Loud phone talkers.

These are just a few kinds of people you will get to meet while riding the MRT during rush hour.

During the limited time  a week I spend riding the train, I am fortunate enough to ride during midday and go home at mid-afternoon. Crowd? None that I see regularly. So yeah, yey!

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