Rover Scouts

Back in the day (don’t ask when lol), we were deep into CAT or Citizen’s Army Training. It was definitely hard work but nonetheless fun too. We used to have drills that are really physically tiring plus training here and there.

Though it was not fun to stand still under the heat of the sun in full gear, we learned a lot of things with CAT and that includes being resourceful, respectful, disciplined among other things.

Nowadays, CAT is not a big thing anymore. In fact, if my deduction is right, school don’t have it anymore. Well, the schools that I know of to be sure has no CAT. Oh wait… there is Citizenship Advancement Training

Anyway, what these schools have now vary. In one school I know the Seniors do Saturday house building activities for the urban poor, in short, community services. In my kids’ school, they have Rover Scouts.

What do Rover Scouts do?

Mostly they help with the preparation of school activities like carry monoblock chairs during programs. The school regularly have masses during first Fridays and special Holy Days so these Rover Scouts bring out those chairs4worship church chairs for schoolmates attending the mass. They help clean up. In the morning they help children carry their humongous bags and cross the parking lots.

I hope other schools have Rover Scouts too because even if it is hard work, in the end, the children will learn a lot from these experiences.

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