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Top 10 Countries as Facebook Users

I’m not surprised that the Philippines is #7 in the Top 10 Countries in terms of the number of Facebook Users.

Everyone and his aunt, dog, cat, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, thumb and toe has a Facebook page. Celebrities have even multiple Facebook page and one never knows if the page he/she liked is the official one.

I kid you not about everyone having a Facebook page.

Just by looking at the “fan pages” that my eldest daughter has “Liked” and many more making up new pages for others to like, we are slowly but surely making our way on top. With icing to boot 😀

Seriously, the time spent reading status updates, clicking on the like button if one does not have anything to say, looking at the photo albums of friends, virtual and in real life, former classmates, former office-mates, former neighbors and all things former, takes a lot of time away from real work.

I even think Facebook is a blog killer but that is entirely another post to write about.

What else suffer when people spend waste time just doing Facebook?

  • productivity with work
  • socialization with others in real life
  • person-to-person interaction
  • house chores (of which I am guilty)
  • the EGO because one feels inferior when he/she sees that former classmate who used to struggle with the class lessons now living in a big house with a sportscar. And what about that former office-mate who… never mind.

I installed Chrome Nanny to regulate my Facebook usage and I deliberately ignore the “call” of Mozilla Firefox where I can still access Facebook. Sometimes I give in to the temptation of logging in through Firefox but last week, I steer cleared away from Facebook and Twitter.

The effect? I was able to watch more episodes of my favorite tv series, hahaha!


Where Are the Children

Where are the children?

The End of Blogging is at Hand

Is it the end of blogging as Social Media and Microblogging sites gain momentous popularity?

Let me rephrase that, is blogging so 2006, said with emphasis on soooo and with rolling eyes? (this was the year I started blogging, LOL). Did people lose their passion for blogging?

Should I get my tumblr account then? I already have a Facebook page for my teacher blog and am thinking of doing another Facebook page for my other blogs. Nah, probably not yet but if blog traffic don’t improve, I might do that soon, if only it drives traffic to the blogs. Real traffic and not spam comments.

Years ago, when bloggers were still a source of honest-to-goodness-unbiased-and-not-given-freebies-and-tokens-to-create-buzz-marketing reviews of everything from restaurants, products, resorts, colon cleansing, spa, hotels and products and services, blogs were revered.

Now, people are more discerning and can sniff a real review from a not-so-real one. I’ve got people asking me about this because they’ve read the same contents in blog posts from one blog to another.

Netizens, especially the younger generation have too little attention span to read or write blogs so they love the 140 character status updates of Twitter -> to please follow me there: TeacherJulie (why, they even make this as a public announcement for friends to avoid spending on sms, 😀 ), the status update in Facebook and the reblogging and copy-pasting in Tumblr.

I’d stick to blogging. For now.

Tummy Fillers

Just recently I launched a food blog called Plateful of Fun Tummy Fillers.

This is not updated regularly since I don’t have much food photos, either food I cooked or food we had when we dine out. We don’t really have fancy meals cooked at home. The children love to have hot meals with lots of flavorful soup so we usually have stews, the regular “Filipino” viand.

I don’t usually cook oily food because I want the children not to get used to oily food. Who doesn’t enjoy grease every now and then, I do but if I do this regularly, I’d be needing slimquick and/or hypertension meds or I’d end up very sick. So, there, no thanks.

For variety, once or twice a week, we have pasta for dinner which the children absolutely love.

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