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Book Review: Once Upon a Christmas Eve

Sarah has been through humiliation and is wary of getting involved with a rake. Adam is a rake who dallies with widows and married women. Unlikely that they will be together, right? This is a fun read. I like Sarah, her sisters and SIL, Megs.

On a side note, these royal families do have a lot of time for leisure and celebrations, do they?

Book Review : Smalltown Christmas

I like the stories but not all of these are rated 4 stars.

I am a bit unsure about the 2nd book because it feels like everything happened so fast.

Ethan and Sam (feels like two males) have a bond unlike any other among the three. To have them be life partners would be exciting.

Book Review: Lady Whistledown Strikes Back

I love the continuation of the little stories in this book. I just had to go back to the earlier ones when the scenes merge.

All stories are good but I like the last one, that is Sophia and Max, the best. It feels like 12 years though is too long to have them in separate lives.

The thief? I had an inkling about it even before it was revealed.

Book Review : Longing by Mary Balogh

3.5 stars

So many things happening: an unfolding love story, an unlikely wedding to be had, dire coal mining conditions, hungry and angry coal miners about to go on strike in a small town setting with awesome nature that has no comparison. To think their fantasy-like place is being raped by the coal industry is something that sets the plot a bit dark and bleak. Honestly, some parts of the books are stressful but at the same time, I couldn’t put the book down because I want to know how the story will end..

What had happened to the feeling that he was a stranger in a strange land? Ah, but there was that other feeling he had had right from the start, right from that walk he had taken out onto the hills with Verity—that feeling of longing, that feeling that somehow he had come home, though he had not quite understood it at the time. But that was what the feeling was. He had come home. And he had found his love there.”

One of the few books that tired me while I read. I am ambivalent about Sian who seems to act on impulse and seems brave but not brave at the same time. Alexander, on the other hand, gave me mixed feelings too.

Book Review : Dukes are Forever

Dukes are Forever by Anna Harrington

Sweet. A meeting of two minds who are both strong-willed with past that has tainted their view on love, this is a good read. I didn’t think a father could be that callous and scheming but as it is fiction, anything can happen. Aunt Augusta is one wonderful aunt you would want by your side.