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Dangers of Mine Tailings Dam Failure

What is mudflow?

Mudflow is the flow of water that contains large amounts of suspended particles and silt… They may rush down a mountainside at speeds as great as 100 kilometers (60 miles) per hour and can cause great damage to life and property.”

Mudflows are caused by earthquakes, heavy rains, explosions, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Mudflows also happen when mine tailings or mine dumps give way due to heavy rains as its pipes and walls fail to contain its toxic contents.

Mudflow from mine tailings dam failures do not only happen to big mining companies, this catastrophe also happens to small-scale mining businesses that have no proper environmental compliance certificates and government-issued permits. Negligence and cost-cutting practices are among the main reasons that cause these man-made disasters.

Heavy rains and mine tailings dams

Heavy rains pose danger to mine tailings dams. Dave Chambers, an engineer and geophysicist at the Center for Science in Public Participation told Frontline that “the most common failure mechanism of mine tailings dams is related to hydrologic events — that is large storms that basically overwhelm the storm retaining capacities that the dam was designed for.”

Impact on the environment

The massive environmental impact of mine tailings are widely documented — red, yellow, orange colored waterways, mountains with big gaping holes, and lands flattened by mudflows.

These damages to the environment are irreversible: erosion, formation of sinkholes, contamination of the soil and water and loss of biodiversity.

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Fallen Leaves

Elsewhere halfway the world, snow is falling hard, making everything look like a winter wonderland. In our little corner of the earth, our “Winter tree” has started shedding and almost half the leaves are now gone. When all leaves are gone, it is Christmas time.

Fallen leaves. It's that time of the year... to clean the roof's downspouts :D

Makes it difficult telling the Manang that there’s no need for her cleaning services yet 😀

A Trip to the Beach

And because I am having a road trip withdrawal as well as a pining for hiking, I went through some nature photos in the archives, and those i have published in Instagram.


My kids and their cousins are in the vicinity of this wonderful beach at this very moment. I’m sure they are having a wonderful time right now, having lunch and bringing a lot of snacks (cookies, chips, deep river snacks) with them.

I just hope they don’t forget to apply the sunblock as we have instructed them to do so 😀

Innovasians: Boysen KNOxOUT

Too bad I missed watching (Innovasians) Asian Innovation: KNOxOUT.

This should be a source of great pride, not only because the maker of Boysen KNOxOUT, Pacific Paint, a Filipino company, but the environment-friendly paint is one of those new innovations we really can’t live without, especially because we live in urban areas where smog and pollution have a free rein.

Boysen KNOxOUT paint is no ordinary paint because this is the  type of paint that contains photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) which turns ordinary water vapor to free radicals that break down two components of smog: NOx (highly reactive gases containing nitrogen and oxygen) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Read more about KNOxOUT here.


Earth Day

Earth Day is something that I don’t need a reminder of because it is my husband’s birthday.

So in honor of Earth Day:


And yes, I really want to go hiking.