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For Real

For the nth time, I’m telling myself I should go on a diet because of a rather unpleasant happening this afternoon.

“That” was the last straw that broke the camel’s, errr, I mean MY back. Sorry, too embarrassing to tell.

I’ve been lazy for the past few months. Even I sometimes get tired of being too tired to do anything. Day after day I’d tell myself, “put on those shoes, groove to the dance moves you almost perfected last summer, start hooping once again and stop sitting down doing nothing the whole day.”

Should I start only when I feel faint due to lack of air and exercise? Should I start when I need to have bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

I’m turning a new leaf starting tomorrow, not for vanity’s sake but for my health. For real.

Zumba Wear

A few Saturdays ago, the hubby, the youngest child and I went to Divisoria in search for belly dancing butt hip scarf. I saw several and I got two: pink and purple. No, I am not into belly dancing (I wish!) but I just thought it would makea nice accent to the leggings and shirt I wear when I go to the Zumba classes I was enrolled in.

Looking at Zumba Wear though made me wonder if a hip scarf was appropriate since most of the Zumba dancers are wearing hip hop clothes.

So for the last session, we were asked to wear something nice so I decided to wear my purple hip scarf. Several of the women in my class wore something similar too, yey!I was not alone wearing those clinking golden coins 😉

Of course I hope I’d be able to wear the right clothes when I enroll again for the next round of sessions.

Not Enough

Been going to Zumba class for more than two weeks already. I don’t know if I’m losing weight or I need to have diet supplements to lose a bit of weight considering I sweat bullets and by the bucket during our sessions.

I know a bi-weekly hour session is not enough. I still have to pick up my Hoopnotica and sway those pear-shaped (or super rounded) hips to oblivion. I still have to get my groove back and dance like no one is watching. Except that all three kids are on a summer vacation so that is impossible.

Gah! I know being past 30 (hah!) makes me lose the weight at a snail’s pace, if there’s any losing anything at all.

I’ll get there. I know.

We Love Walking

We love walking. I once wrote that walking is one of my simple pleasures. Well, hubby and I do, provided the place has fresh air, has lots of trees and we have something to tide over our thirst and hunger pangs when these make an appearance. Hats and perhaps Trekking Poles to complete our getup and we’re good to go.

My dream walk would be beside a bubbling brook at the foot of a snow-capped mountain with pine and fir trees. I can dream, right? 😀

I know this is far-fetched from the concrete jungle where we live and breath dirty air.

Zumba Classes

Finalleh, I’m enrolled in Zumba classes! Woot!

I attended my first ever Zumba classes today. I missed the first session last week because my mommy bloggers friends and I had a day out (or a day-off?).

Verdict: fun, fun, fun. More fun to do it with others than do it at home when I can just sit if I feel tired. Yes, I was able to survive an hour of dancing. I was careful not to drink a lot though since I know I feel a bit pain on the right side of my torso if I drink more than I should.

I feel a bit of pain on the legs, not as painful though when I run.

Can’t wait to go back there on Thursday, woot!