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Graphic Organizers

Yesterday, a student and I made a graphic organizer identifying the similarities and characteristics of rocks and minerals. We had to summarize the concepts in the lesson as well as compare and contrast these concepts. I discussed a lot of things using simple terms. Good thing we had internet connection and we were able to look at different rocks and minerals in images. We even came across a tool from used for cutting diamonds.

It was a difficult task because of the condition of this particular student: she is in 3rd grade and has learning disabilities.

If you are curious what a graphic organizer is, this is an example.

Graphic organizers can help make studying concepts, writing prompts, decision-making, problem solving and  brainstorming easier to understand.

Nutrition and Family Economics

I have always believed that a healthy family has more chances of having a better quality of life than a not-so-healthy family.

Nutrition and Economics


  • a healthy family do not get sick often and are not prone to having absences at work and from school
  • a healthy family that do not regularly get sick save up on hospital bills, medications and loss of income
  • a healthy family can engage in activities that will even make them stronger and healthier

Perhaps you have heard of the saying: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Now why would you want to “waste” your money on medication and doctor’s fees when you can use less than that amount you have to shell out in getting healthier choices, having a better lifestyle and getting the right nutrition from the right kinds of food that will not give you the chance to make you obese?

Would you rather spend your hard-earned money on medicating your physical  symptoms (which by the way, if you are sick, you won’t be able to do the work you are supposed to do) or would you rather spend your hard-earned money with things that will make you healthier?

The choice is yours.

More reading materials here on Family Economic and Nutrition.

Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop XGames at X Games Los Angeles 2012

For those who love Hot Wheels:

I remember “LIKING” some photos in Instagram. Woot! Totally rad!

I’m on Pinterest

Lately I’ve been noticing posts about Pinterest. It was just the other day that I got interested and decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Boy, oh, boy! What have I been missing! It is a wonderful virtual world. I am specifically drawn to the practical DIY, colorful crafts, photography boards, yummy recipes,  ideas on home designs, gardening tips and even steel buildings. I am immensely enjoying myself looking at the photos and reading the articles. I’m afraid I won’t have much time to do all those things because I am glued to the visual delights.

It’s like the best of what the blogs/websites have to offer in an easy to find place, no need to blog hop or anything like it.

Follow me:

I still have a lot of boxes/spaces to fill in my boards :D

Gifting Season via Online Discount Vouchers

Gifting season is around the corner and I’m sure lot of people have their lists being filled up. Not me though, haha.

Been busy with a lot of things and as always, shopping takes a backseat. I’m enjoying doing some online shopping recently and as a matter of fact, I just purchased several vouchers for frozen yogurt and a cake (this will be delivered at home, woot).

Two months ago, we had a music players delivered to our home, bought 50% off from an online store. We also enjoyed our 50% off the price chocolate cake courtesy of another online discount voucher. I’m wondering though if I should buy Christmas presents from these sites. I’m getting ideas for gifts for boys online as well as gifts for family friends.

Last night we had a great time at a Japanese restaurant, thanks to 2 vouchers purchased online at 50% off the price.

I don’t know why I still haven’t written about our foray (mostly food vouchers) into these online discount voucher “shopping” since all purchases have been good. So far.