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Small Businesses

Based on my observation, there are some people who usually do not look highly on people who own and run a “small business”. Those who usually do are the ones who go to a fancy office wearing fancy clothes and getting their salaries via the ATM. On the other hand, they grapple with traffic on the road, face-off at the MRT/LRT during rush hours and constantly tugging between having to buy that new pair of fashionable shoes versus just paying the latest credit card bill first.

Those with small businesses however, are not any different from the corporate slaves. They too have their shares of struggles: too little time to do other matters because all the time available is spent tending the small business and making it big later on, headache-inducing tasks of balancing business-related matters, and a host of others things that may curb the enthusiasm to continue what is being done and just give everything up.

Here are a few small business ideas that can mean a good ROI if handled properly, meaning using the right approach, the proper timing, the proper venue and the right attitude:

  • meat processing like tocino, longganisa, relleno, products but make sure that you passed the proper health inspection licenses
  • carinderia or food delivery for offices if you love cooking
  • massage and nail spa places
  • specialized stationery and other paper-related crafts
  • sewing special request clothes, especially in the time where cosplay is “in”
  • souvenir thingamajigs
  • flower arrangements
  • party needs

There are a lot more small business ideas out there, just be sure you attend the proper training, get the proper licenses and certificates and put your heart in what you want to accomplish and you are good to start.


Funny how other countries use a word one knows to be something to refer to a totally different thing.

Bawang is garlic in Filipino.

Bawang = Onion

Bwang Goreng however is fried onions/shallots.

Sibuyas is onions in Filipino.

Avoid Being a Victim of Electronic Pickpocketing

Last night’s news about a man whose ATM card was just with him but had a big amount withdrawn from said account was something that looks like it was a clip from a movie.

But it wasn’t, it was real.

He was a victim of electronic pickpocketing.

Highly unlikely that people with ATM cards and credit cards can be victims of such high-tech crime but it can happen. There are a few precautions one can do to avoid being a victim:

  • cover the ATM’s keypad with your hand when you withdraw money
  • in establishments where you give your card to the staff for payment like in restaurants, do go to the cashier so that you can see how they handle your credit/debit card. You don’t want the staff to jot down your card details. They may not be the one doing the electronic theft, but they may give these information to others.
  • use RIFD blocking products for contactless cards to avoid having your card details read by the gadgets that are made to do just that

In every way, always be careful with your things.

Graphic Organizers

Yesterday, a student and I made a graphic organizer identifying the similarities and characteristics of rocks and minerals. We had to summarize the concepts in the lesson as well as compare and contrast these concepts. I discussed a lot of things using simple terms. Good thing we had internet connection and we were able to look at different rocks and minerals in images. We even came across a tool from used for cutting diamonds.

It was a difficult task because of the condition of this particular student: she is in 3rd grade and has learning disabilities.

If you are curious what a graphic organizer is, this is an example.

Graphic organizers can help make studying concepts, writing prompts, decision-making, problem solving and  brainstorming easier to understand.

Nutrition and Family Economics

I have always believed that a healthy family has more chances of having a better quality of life than a not-so-healthy family.

Nutrition and Economics


  • a healthy family do not get sick often and are not prone to having absences at work and from school
  • a healthy family that do not regularly get sick save up on hospital bills, medications and loss of income
  • a healthy family can engage in activities that will even make them stronger and healthier

Perhaps you have heard of the saying: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Now why would you want to “waste” your money on medication and doctor’s fees when you can use less than that amount you have to shell out in getting healthier choices, having a better lifestyle and getting the right nutrition from the right kinds of food that will not give you the chance to make you obese?

Would you rather spend your hard-earned money on medicating your physical  symptoms (which by the way, if you are sick, you won’t be able to do the work you are supposed to do) or would you rather spend your hard-earned money with things that will make you healthier?

The choice is yours.

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