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The Manila-Acapulco Galleon Museum

The Galeon, the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Museum will be opening on 2015. The groundbreaking ceremony happened two weeks ago with Senator Edgardo Angara, his Excellency Ambassador Julio Camarena of Mexico and Hans T. Sy initiated the ground-breaking ceremony at the Mall of Asia.

The Galeon Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Different Generations

Do you know from what generation you belong to?

The Greatest Generation is where those born before 1928 belong to, they who fought and won (or lost) World War 2.

The Silent Generation are the people born from 1928 through 1945. They are also known as the “Children of the Great Depression and World War 2”. They are said to be “silent” because most of them are conformists and has a striking contrast with baby boomers.

The Baby Boomers are those born after World War 2 and around 1964, when the birth control pill was first introduced to the market.

Generation X are those born from 1965 to 1980. They are also called the GenXers.

Millenials or the Generation Y refers to those born after 1980. They grew up during the time of the World Wide Web.

Generation Z are called digital natives or those born from 1995 onwards. These young folks grew up in time social media. They can also be referred as the ‘Google generation.’ If you want to know all kinds of fender rumble series they are the resource people to go to.

Electrolux Campaign: Delightful-E Simple to Share

Electrolux and Gawad Kalinga’s Trese partnered to have these donated pre-loved clothes transformed into beautiful and colorful quilts for the newborn babies from orphanages and other communities. Now, if that advocacy touched your hearts, then sort through your closets now and look for clothes that you might want to give to help keep warm these babies as the -BER months usher in cooler winds.

Electrolux SimpleToShare campaign media launch

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Boring ba ang Summer Vacation Mo?

“Nakakabato naman.”

“Walang magawa.”

“Nakakatamad, walang happening.”

“I’m bored to tears.”

Yan madalas ang sinasabi ng mga kabataan, lalo na kapag summer at walang pasok sa eskwela. Sino nga ba naman ang hindi mabo-bore na walang ginagawa at sobrang init pa. Argh!

Hindi naman pwede mag-malling araw-araw dahil kailangan may budget para dun, paano kung wala? Karaniwan, walang choice kundi mag-stay lang sa loob ng bahay kaya ang “boring life” ay isang maituturing way of life ng mga taong walang magawa.

Pero teka, is there such a thing na walang magawa? Hindi naman siguro, baka lang kaya nasasabing walang magawa kasi hindi alam kung anu-ano ang mga pwedeng gawin. Aba, sa dami ng mga pwedeng gawin, walang dahilan upang mabato ngayong summer vacation.

Anu-ano nga ba ang pwede gawin ng mga taong bored na bored na?

Heto ang ilang suhestiyon upang hindi maging boring ang summer vacation mo.

DreamWorks Animation Builds DreamPlay

DreamWorks Animation and City of Dreams Manila is building the first ever DreamPlay Center.



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