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New Year’s Resolution : Healthier You

Don’t we all tell ourselves that “This is the year that I will focus more on getting healthy!”

You buy new gear like shoes and sports clothes as well as a magnetic sports bracelet to complete the sporty look.


Some take up formal lessons, even getting a personal trainer to help them along the way.

The question is, would they be able to sustain the interest all the way through the end of the year and even beyond? I hope so.

I hope I do.

Filipino Food

Filipino food is a fusion of different tastes and influences. At best it is grand and has a lot of ingredients complementing each other. In its simple form, it is presented with one major ingredients while the rest are just flavors and sauces.


We love pairs that complement each other and I have enumerated some in this article I wrote: Pares-Pares na Pagkaing Pinoy

Simple Recipes

I have a food blog and in it I share simple recipes that I cook for the family.

Here are a few of the recipes I’ve posted:

Rice Cooker Pasta

Cookie Butter Pretzel Squares

Tropical Fruits Medley Smoothie (Perfect for summer!)

Tummy Fillers FB page.

Hope to see you there!



For me, one of the perfect gifts to be given (and to receive of coursed) would be watches.


TH watch

Why watches? Because a watch means time and for me, time is one of those more important factors in life that we need to cherish.

There are many watches to choose from and sometimes people do not just choose a brand that is affordable. Most people choose a timepiece that will last them for a long time.

I think I need that Ladies Link watch 😀



Polka Dots or Stripes?

We saw a polka dotted guitar when we went scouting for a new guitar to be given to the youngest child.

It looked… cute.

This  epiphone wildkat at m123 looks interesting too. The color is so bright, it would be next to impossible to see the player at all. Bright yellow on a guitar is not a usual color though it is with exotic cars.

Guitars need not be in drab brown/tan/black colors, why not in splashy bright ones?