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Avoid Being a Victim of Electronic Pickpocketing

Last night’s news about a man whose ATM card was just with him but had a big amount withdrawn from said account was something that looks like it was a clip from a movie.

But it wasn’t, it was real.

He was a victim of electronic pickpocketing.

Highly unlikely that people with ATM cards and credit cards can be victims of such high-tech crime but it can happen. There are a few precautions one can do to avoid being a victim:

  • cover the ATM’s keypad with your hand when you withdraw money
  • in establishments where you give your card to the staff for payment like in restaurants, do go to the cashier so that you can see how they handle your credit/debit card. You don’t want the staff to jot down your card details. They may not be the one doing the electronic theft, but they may give these information to others.
  • use RIFD blocking products for contactless cards to avoid having your card details read by the gadgets that are made to do just that

In every way, always be careful with your things.

Online Safety

Has it ever felt to you that doing things in the past seems better than having the high-tech gadgets we have now?

Take for example doing book reports for high school students.When I was in high school, I have read a lot of books which I borrowed from the school library. I wrote the book reports myself, using my version of a PC or a netbook: my crickety typewriter. I graduated to using a electric typewriter in college, hah, I was high tech then.

Anyway, we were not only “studious” then, but we were resourceful, motivated and we worked hard. In other words, we didn’t copy and pasted works written by others but we wrote original thoughts and did original written works. And we had  that sort of security that our works were not digitally copied though being copied by classmates was highly likely to happen, lol.

Nowadays though, it is so easy for others to just get information that are not their in the first place. I have been doing a lot of reading about these things like electronic pickpocketing, the use of ESET Smart Security, and the use of parental controls among others to better protect our family from being victims of electronic theft.

A few ways to protect online safety:

  • do not divulge personal information like home address, work address, schools of children online
  • if you feel you need to be a part of the social media, be discreet and have your online accounts accessible only by friends you personally know
  • change your passwords every now and then and use a combination of alphanumeric characters that are unreadable

Goodies in a Jar

DIY Christmas Gift: Goodies in a Jar

Goodies in a Jar


  • nuts
  • candy coated chocolate chips
  • raisins
  • mini marshmallows

In some of the jars I put together, I also put baked goodies and Oreo cookies.

You too can put other delectable goodies as well.

For the Avid DVD Collector

If you are still undecided as to what to give someone who has a collection of DVDs and CDs, what about standsandmounts dvd racks?

This is easier to do than trying to second guess if he/she already has that rare copy original DVD you are currently holding, priced ridiculously steep than normal.

I’m sure this collector would love to see the CDs all arranged according to genre so that watching is more fun.


Nutrition and Family Economics

I have always believed that a healthy family has more chances of having a better quality of life than a not-so-healthy family.

Nutrition and Economics


  • a healthy family do not get sick often and are not prone to having absences at work and from school
  • a healthy family that do not regularly get sick save up on hospital bills, medications and loss of income
  • a healthy family can engage in activities that will even make them stronger and healthier

Perhaps you have heard of the saying: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Now why would you want to “waste” your money on medication and doctor’s fees when you can use less than that amount you have to shell out in getting healthier choices, having a better lifestyle and getting the right nutrition from the right kinds of food that will not give you the chance to make you obese?

Would you rather spend your hard-earned money on medicating your physical  symptoms (which by the way, if you are sick, you won’t be able to do the work you are supposed to do) or would you rather spend your hard-earned money with things that will make you healthier?

The choice is yours.

More reading materials here on Family Economic and Nutrition.