Book Review : The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Found this funny in some parts, heartbreaking to learn about what they have both been through and happy that everything fell into place. Emma is adorable. Ash and his antics can be tiresome in one or two instances but he is a lovable bloke, considering everything that he went though. The new friends are those who will be in the next books of this series, I reckon.

It would have been good if Emma and her father found a way to patch the big issue that caused an ocean of gap between the two of them.

Book Review: Just Another Viscount in Love by Vivienne Lorret

I like how the characters seem to understand each other well. Gemma’s long suffering experiences has made her wary but it has also made her stronger. Sam is so sweet and loving. That part when she was framed for theft, during the fireworks, I wanted to stop reading because I didn’t want to read about her being thought of as a bad person.

Her aunt is a paragon of patience and understanding and the perfect companion who not only protects her but knows her well too.

Book Review : Gambler’s Woman by Jayne Ann Krentz

Very steamy and although it gets a bit technical when they talk about probability and other mathematical concepts, there is no real depth in the story.

I first thought Jordan was the big boss in Alyssa’s firm but no, he really is a professional gambler.

The Teashop on the Corner by Milly Johnson

I love, love, love this book. 4.5/5 ⭐️

At first it was a puzzle why there are so many characters but they have slowly came together to make the story come alive. All of them, including the not so pleasant ones are important to the plot.

The characters, their flaws, their good side and everything about them sort of grew on me like friends who started early on till a deeper relationship has been formed. I smiled a lot as well as cried with them.

I somehow knew some twists will happen like who is going to rent Carla’s extra room. I felt that Leni had been hiding something from the rest of the gang. I figured out early on who was pilfering Molly’s valuables. Harvey and his surprises were a bonus.

This is about facing your fears, believing in yourself, letting go, moving on, trusting others and loving unconditionally.

Notice the time stamp when I was done reading.

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown Book Review

TOUGH CUSTOMER Sandra Brown took me a long time to finally finish the book because I have forgotten about it in another ebook app. The way the events unfolded, I thought it all happened in a week or two but no, it happened within a few days.

Two stories in one featuring the mom and the daughter.

The twist was unexpected.