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Lonely Ride

We had an early start yesterday morning. The long early morning drive was a bit boring, save for some music playing. I would have wanted to sleep but I’m not comfortable sleeping when in transit, except when I am extremely tired.

Early Morning

We also listened to the early morning news chatter and truthfully, I’m glad we weren’t stuck in traffic like other commuters. We just switched to music when the topics discussed were not that relevant to us. Some of the topics we listened to that were discussed were the return of a senator after months (or was it more than  a year) of not appearing because he has a case, Japan tsunami effects, hgh releasers and summer fun activities for the kids.

Going home was a lonely ride too, because the night was extra dark and the drizzles didn’t help perk up the mood. I was sleeping on and off on our way home and was glad when we arrived safely.

Was it worth the long hours on the road? Of course! I got to spend a few hours with my parents and children vacationing with them. Our youngest child was left behind though.