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Sims Social in Facebook

Do you play Facebook games?

Me? I do. I used to play FarmTown, CafeWorld and CSI Crime City. I’ve been recently hooked with Gardens of Time and played Sims Social very briefly.

Why do we play these virtual games? For me, this is a form of relaxation. I admit, for some time, during the height of our (meaning my friends and I) being hooked with Farmtown, we get a bit stressed when we can’t go online because the crops will die, LOL.

Recently, these same friends and I got hooked with Gardens of Time but the interest has waned because three of us got too busy with our children’s trimester exams reviews.

Now there is a new Facebook Game, Sims Social, that is gaining popularity. According to a Mashable article:

In just two weeks, Sims Social has leapfrogged nine games, including longstanding Zynga hits Empires & Allies, Texas Hold ‘Em, Pioneer Trail and — yes — FarmVille. In the last 24 hours, 9.3 million people played Sims Social, while 8.1 million played FarmVille, according to Facebook tracking site Appdata.com.

And uhm, a friend is inviting me back to Sims Social because I haven’t been playing since I started a few weeks ago.

Should I?  Tests are still a long way to go so maybe yes, I will play Sims Social again 😀