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Another Frugal Christmas Post

I wrote in Facebook that “I want, errr… need a froyo but an eclair will do”. For those in the know, I meant a mobile phone. An android mobile phone.

I seldom but phones. My mobile phones are either hand-me-downs from the hubby or the other mobile phone I’m using was a “gift” from a telco where we did some beta-testing a year and a half ago.

In this season of giving, I don’t think I am ready to get myself that gift yet for I am forever “on a budget” for some of the more important things to pay for like tuition fee and food and school supplies and the list goes on and on.

The Christmas loot like football gifts, books, toys and more toys has a budget that is tightly guarded. Just because.

For now, I hope my new baking goodies would be worthwhile to give away since I plan to spend another frugal Christmas till it hurts. 😀


There’s no denying the fact that once the -BER months are here, Christmas decors like tree decors, C6 led Christmas lights, gift suggestions and even greeting cards can be seen in malls. Christmas songs too are being played in public places.

Why ever not? In malls specifically, the music inspires people to think of what they would be buying for the coming season of commercialism giving.

Since my children are in school, I can now start to experiment on various baked goodies and make preparations for another round of Frugal Christmas.

Times have really changed. Gone are the days when children answer that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Now they look forward to Christmas because this special day is the day they open loads of gifts.

Pasko Na!


Muling nagbabalik ang Litratong Pinoy.

Tamang-tama ang pagbabalik na ito, kasabay sa hudyat na tema ng pagpasok ng buwan ng Pasko. Alam naman natin na dito sa Pilipinas, napaka-espesyal ng Pasko.

Narito ang  isang hudyat sa aming tahanan na wala nang makapipigil pa sa pagdating ng Pasko:

Christmas paper tree

Isang simpleng paper tree, gawa ng mga anak ko noong isang taon. Isa yan sa mga ginawa nilang tree ornaments.

Nawa ay maging maayos ang pagdating ng Pasko sa ating tahanan at puso. Tandaan, si Hesus ang dahilan kaya tayo meron nito.

Happy LP!

Frugal Christmas: Family Photo Christmas Tree Ornaments

We have had the same Christmas tree ornaments for years now. The gold ribbons were made as such 10 Christmases ago. The red ribbons came to be five Christmases ago. The golden stars and beads were collected one after the other.

This year, we have added something new.

Handmade, homemade Christmas decor.

(Practicing frugal Christmas would have enabled me to afford a Sony Vaio for my husband but that would have to take a back seat for now)

We made handmade paper stockings last week.

This week, we made and hanged these:

Family photos as Christmas tree ornaments.

These make the tree and the special event itself even more special. Isn’t it that the first Christmas was about a family who had nowhere to go? Even so, Mary bore a son who was in fact God’s son.


Here was how these family photo Christmas tree ornaments were made:

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Frugal Christmas: Bargain Books for Kids

In keeping up with my practice of having a Frugal Christmas, I got a good bargain yesterday.

What are these things? Bargain books from a bargain book store.

Of course, most of the books being sold in these stores are already used so I was careful to choose what I have to get, lest I be thought of as cheapo to the max 😀

Anyway, these were some of the books I got:

The least expensive is PhP25.00 or $.0.50 (Php49.00 = $1).

The most expensive is PhP55.00 or $1.10.

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