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Frugal Christmas: Handmade Paper Stocking Tree Ornament

For another Frugal Christmas post, I present “Handmade Paper Stocking Tree Ornament”.

Here is my post about Personalized Christmas Gift Tags.

My two younger children did these, two for each of them. When we were looking at these ornaments when we hung these, I thought the paper stockings look old-fashioned when put side by side to newer and more modern designs of tree ornaments these days.


  1. red construction paper
  2. white paper scraps, preferably Japanese paper
  3. craft glue
  4. Scrapbook embellishments

I just instructed the kids about what they should do and they did these quite well. Another post will be dedicated to the instructions and tips.

For now, we sit back on our (almost) modern furniture and enjoy the crafts hanging on the tree that they made.

Yes, there is going to be another post about another handmade paper ornament that they have done.

Frugal Christmas: Personalized Gift Tags

Over at the FilipinoMomBlog.com, we have a started a meme called Fab Holiday Finds in an anything goes theme for the first week.

In this blog, I thought of follow-up posts to my entries in the meme.

Why? I plan to feature those things that I plan to do as a way of practicing a Frugal Christmas without skimping on quality.

Here is one idea: Personalized Christmas Gift Tags.

Click here for the cost and materials. Scrap booking embellishments are great to use with these ones.

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Family Vacation

Families take vacations during breaks in schedules. They either spend time at the beach or go up to places where the air is cool and clean. Some even go abroad.

As a family, we love going to out-of-town trips. We wish to spend a night or two when we do so but sadly, we haven’t had a vacation for several years now.

The last one that we spent out of town for several days happened three years ago. We did enjoy that one, swimming, exploring caves, hiking and just simply admiring nature. We didn’t even have our youngest daughter with us then because she was too young to be doing the things we did.

We always talk about doing that kind of vacation every year but we can’t simply because there is no one who will be left behind the mind the house while we are away.

We have been thinking of saving and investing in security systems for the house so that we can at least have a vacation. But then again, the dog is also a consideration when we are gone even if he is practically our security system for now 😉

I hope that we can really plan for the next vacation so that we can have a different kind of bonding time.

I sure need to have a break, even for a few days.