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Rose from Island Rose

Island Rose

Send Flowers and Gifts to the Philippines on Valentine’s Day with Island Rose

Sending flowers and gifts to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day is made easy with Island Rose.


I know it may sound cheesy and corny because some people would quip that everyday should be a Valentine’s Day. Still, wouldn’t it be great to consider this day as more special than your daily dose of feeling that loving feeling?

It seems that the gifting of flowers and other Valentine day-related gifts is getting lost in the technological advantage of sending (free) greeting cards, emails, videos and what-not. This is true since almost everyone has an email account, a social networking account and even their own blogs.

To those who are not here in the Philippines, you can surprise your loved ones when you Send Gifts to the Philippines. Teddy bears? Pendants? Bouquet of fresh flowers? You can choose whatever it is your loved ones will enjoy.

Deliver Flowers to the Philippines? Receiving fresh flowers is a happy moment that every woman and moms too, love to experience every now and then.

If you are concerned about your budget, you can avail of the 10% discount if you use the discount code VDAY022010 valid until February 20, 2010. That in itself is a gift too 🙂

Choose your gifts and show your love just in time for Valentine’s Day 🙂