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Let Your Children Play

Are you the kind of parent who is constantly in need of aa rechargeable batteries, on the lookout for electrical sockets to plug your children’s devices and always anticipates the latest update on the latest handheld virtual games?


Are you the parent who lets her children get down and dirty, ride bikes, play with bubbles, play with toys that can be built and torn apart or have her children make their own toys from recycled materials?

3 Bubbles

Which ever you are, remember to let your children be children and let them play, play and play!

As my tween son would say: “I don’t have free weekends” because he has Saturdays lined up for Drama Club rehearsals for a big play two weeks from now 😀

Play Time

Children need to be active through play time. By active I mean physically active, jumping, skipping, hopping, running, walking, exploring, climbing and all those stuff the children are supposed to do. The places to do these things don’t have to have a lot of playground equipments or playsets (though having these would be super extra fun!). Children are naturally creative and they will find ways to have fun when they are outdoors.

outdoor play

As a parent, I encourage my children to be physically active. I’d rather they are outdoors playing rather than just sitting in front of the computer or TV.

^ That goes for me too 😀