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Car Rental Coupons

Our relatives are already excited to go on a road trip soon and why not, summer vacation is supposed to be spent doing these fun things. Uncle excitedly asked me to help him look for car rental services he will consider using. Why rent a car I asked? He explained that there are discounts, extra mileage, free upgrades and a whole lot more of perks. Ok, he got me at discounts 😀

I found three car rental services that have car rental coupons. These three car rental services have car rental special codes that can be used several times. These codes have instructions about the rentals and how one can reserve online, print the reservation notice and go to accredited car rental services.

One of the three car rentals I showed my Uncle is the Alamo car rental coupons. An hour advanced notice in the Last Minute Specials can give one access to a rental car.

In participating North American locations, National Car Rental Coupons on the other hand have discounts for full-size cars that were reserved in advance. It is wise to reserve in advanced due to the availability of vehicles one can choose. There are a few conditions for restrictions like location of pick-up and drop-off services.

The last one we discussed was Hertz Car Rental Coupons that has almost the same conditions and restrictions as the second car rental services.

So there, my research for my Uncle is done. I am awaiting for his response since I already emailed him the details. If only I can join them that would be fun 🙂