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Lalaki ang tema sa Litratong Pinoy para sa araw ng ito.

Ilang mga lalaking kasama sa Unilab Run United 1 2012 ang aming nakita nung kami ay pauwi na matapos sumali sa 3k run ng naturang takbuhan. Hindi ako sigurado kung ano ang category nila baka 21k kasi mukhang dilaw ang kanilang race bib.

Run United 1 2012

Narito ang aming kwento sa aming tila ba napakalayong tinakbong 3k category, haha!


Summer is here! Though we have been experiencing an allergy-inducing few days this week because of the drizzles and cloudy weather, summer is definitely here. The neighborhood pool almost always has people swimming. I’ve been seeing tanned skin these days and I think the tan is more from beach bumming than spray on tan.

Run United 1 2012

We spotted these guys who are running in a run we went to last week. We were on our way home because we only participated in the 3k category and I think these guys are from the 21k. They look tanned,  right? I hope they put on sun block before they ran.

adidas miCoach Run Yourself Better

adidas miCoach Run Yourself Better

A few day ago, I witnessed the launching of the adidas miCoach Run Yourself Better at RUNNR in Bonifacio High Street.

What is adidas miCoach?

adidas miCoach

  • adidas miCoach guides people to get fit and stay fit through simple, personable coaching
  • miCoach coaches you through each workout by tracking your heart rate which helps you gauge effort, performance and see improvement.
  • Exercise safety: helps you not to train too hard too soon and to avoid injury
  • Efficiency: run at the right intensity level to increase your training efficiency
  • Motivation: achieve your goals and maintain motivation
  • Performance: monitor your progress

miCoach Heart Rate Based training
Personalized miCoach Training Zones and The Assessment Workout:

  • Zones are created based on your age and gender where the first pass will allow the user to get started with miCoach right away.
  • For a more personalized experience, there is a miCoach Assessment Workout
  • The Assessment Workout measures your peak HR and VT to help create your miCoach training zones.
  • The Assessment Workout is 12minute coaching through audio instructions
  • This Assessment Workout can be done outdoors or b y using gym equipment.

Ok, I’m convinced and I want need one! 😀

Adidas miCoach Pacer will be available in the Philippines this March 2010 in Adidas Stores for PHP 6,995.00

It is no secret that I have an on again and off again love affair with hitting the pavement and I think this is way more fun and healthier than getting life insurance plans. You know, just in case 😀

There is no more school so I have no excuse to not get up (without stressing myself cooking packed lunch very early) and start the routine once again. Yup, tomorrow, definitely, I hope 😉

Back to My Morning Walks

After more than a week of daily heavy downpour, the sun finally shone. Early mornings are cool and just perfect for walking. Yes, I am back to walking after several days of “stagnation”.

I have been exercising indoors but for me, nothing beats doing these morning rounds, never mind the many dog poo piles I have to be on the look out for, hah.

The kids noticed (well according to them) that my midsection looked better before the week-long rains but now I think I am back to the same shape prior to walking. Sigh.

Fenphedra to the rescue?

Hmmm… maybe not yet, I will give this early morning ritual some more tries as I go back to my routine. I just hope the rains won’t come back yet 😀