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Palm Sunday Thoughts

Today is the celebration of Palm Sunday.

Ask the children and young people of today  if they know the significance of this special day and chances are, most of them don’t know what it is and why it is being celebrated. They just wave their coconut palms and get in line to be able to have the Holy Water hit their bodies.

People in the not-so-distant past have been so religiously attentive to these church celebrations, in contrast to how people are these days. And if those who belong to the older generation are gone, would these traditions still continue?

For those who are non-Catholics, they have their own versions of celebrating the Palm Sunday and one of these would be through prayers.

How did you spend Palm Sunday and what were your thoughts during that day?

My answer:

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Favorite Ice Cream

I love ice cream and I can probably have ice cream if I could and that means everyday, not just during summer, but even if the weather is a bit cold.

Why am I talking about ice cream? Because its summer!

To further whet your appetite, here is a yummy photo from Bubba Gump restaurant:

that chocolate thing

So now I ask, “What is your favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream concoction?

My answer:

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Graduation Memories

Graduation ceremonies are special.

My eldest daughter just had her grade 7 graduation ceremonies last March 20 and we were happy for her, not because she got academic awards but because we know that this event is both an end and a new beginning for her.

So now I ask:

What graduation memories do you hold dear in your heart and why?

My answer:

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Summer Fun

Hot and humid.

Summer shopping list.

Summer vacation.

These are what my posts are all about these past few days. And why not, everyone is complaining about the heat and humidity because summer has started already and our very brief honeymoon with the cool weather (like this) was yes, very brief and sorely missed.

It may be that the summer heat is being felt in this part of the world, still, summer comes upon us year after year no matter where we are.

So the Weekly Question asks you about summer vacation:

What are fun summer activities you do with your family?

My answer:

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Do You Love Your Job?

I have written a post about “loving your job” and in it I also wrote that:

Love your job. Live with the inconveniences that goes with it for who knows, you might even  consider yourself more fortunate than those who have none.

The Weekly Question will focus on this topic about our paying jobs, be these former jobs or current ones.

Do you love your job?

My answer:

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