What is Your Favorite Romantic Movie?

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, almost everyone is talking about love, love and love.

We see red and pink decorations in the malls. There are many items on sale (as if one can hear “Buy Me! Buy Me!”) that are geared towards this day of hearts like personal items, concert tickets, pillar candles to add romance on the dining table, and even edible underpants 😀

I have decided to ask this question to prep us up for the coming Hearts Day:

What are your favorite romantic movies of all time?

My answer:

Before I decided to Google the top romantic movies, I was thinking about the movie Casablanca which is one of my husband’s favorite movie of all time.

Rick: “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Ilsa: [in her goodbye letter] “Richard, I cannot go with you or ever see you again. You must not ask why. Just believe that I love you. Go, my darling, and God bless you. Ilsa.”

And of course I was surprised to see the movie on top of the list! Click here to read the list.

Anyway, I am not really a fan of romantic movies (even romantic novels are not my favorite genre to read) but a good shake and shiver (from a song my son loves to sing: “She gives me shakes and shivers I can’t ignore…”) is appreciated now and then.

I cried when I watched the “Titanic”, i loved the story of “An Affair to Remember”, I secretly wished to meet Mr. Darcy of  “Pride and Prejudice”, got excited every time there’s a new e-mail in with “You’ve Got Mail” and laughed my heart out with  “When Harry Met Sally”,  among others.

By the way, the first movie my husband and I watched was “Heaven and Earth

Interested to answer the question? Join me here.

12 Responses to What is Your Favorite Romantic Movie?

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  2. Cioa Teacher Julie! Just did this and the preceding question two days ago. Thanks.

    Happy Valentines to you and your lovey dudes!

  3. haven’t watched Titanic, lol. but simply adore Pride & Prejudice! 🙂
    mine is up now, too!

  4. I posted mine. It’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I love, love, love these movies!

  5. my favorite romantic movies…
    1. While you were sleeping
    2. Only You
    3. Ever After

  6. Oh I see a few of my faves mentioned above! Hehehe I didn’t join in the Titanic bandwagon though and the second time I saw the movie, I fell asleep! I didn’t think their love story was that great though or maybe it just was a terribly long movie? hehehe

    Read about mine HERE

  7. I wasn’t able to answer last week’s question, so this’ll be my first time to join. =) I love this week’s topic!

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  9. Hi Teacher Julie! 🙂

    Good morning po. I did my entry early this week so that I wont forget it. 😛

    Great topic by the way. LOL Here’s my link.


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  11. Me, too, I am not a fan of romantic movies, in fact I seldom watch movies now. I was teary when I saw Titanic on the big screen, while someone was complaining that it was long and boring. Yeah, men are not into it. Although my favorite is not among the Top 100 list, I still watch the reruns on TV, with the commercials in between.

    P.S. This is my second, so I hope I did it right, without any technical help (links and what not).

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