Motive by Jonathan Kellerman

This is Jonathan Kellerman’s 30th Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis book.


I have probably read almost all the early books in this series till book #20, in paperback. I’ve also read Petra Connor series. One of the things I have noticed about these books is the gore. There is that certain despondency (?) that I feel when I read these books. There is always that Filipina/Filipino character. There are always those trips to dusty and almost abandoned places or inner city streets where the brave won’t dare go even during daytime.

I even had a hard time understanding the correlation of the characters actions that led to the cases. It was somehow forced. I hope JK is not mellowing down.

I’d still read those I haven’t read though because I enjoy how the train of thoughts and the explanations for behavior exhibited are done.


Just Take my Heart by Mary Higgins Clark

Like Jonathan Kellerman, I have probably read most of Mary Higgins Clark’s books except for the newer ones.


I am not sure if she is still the one writing her books though because the series by Lawrence Sanders that I Also love to read is being written by another author.

Anyway, the plot in Just Take my Heart like other MHC books, have characters that were introduced one at a time. They may be seemingly unrelated to the central character but towards a third of a fourth of the book, everything will fall into place. This book though, for me seems to have taken a slow pace.

Spoiler: The title also has a literal meaning in the plot but it has nothing to do with murder or heartbreak.

The Tycoon Meets His Match by Barbara Benedict

The Tycoon Meets His Match by Barbara Benedict is a light read. Nothing spectacular about it though I did enjoy the plot: road trip on a shoe string budget, having a company managed by a younger brother you don’t really trust and then there’s this being with the person one does not really are about at first. Quite intriguing.

The Tycoon Meets His Match

Plot: Best friend decides not to marry her groom and disappears. Best friend and groom look all over for the girl but ends up liking each other instead. How? Read the book.

Sins of a Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan

Sins of a Wicked Duke (The Penwich School for Virtuous Girls, #1) by Sophie Jordan is a wonderful book.

When I wrote the book title in my list of books that I have read (Yes, I do have a list which needs to be uploaded to my Goodreads account ASAP) I wrote this: I love this book and how the words were stringed together. 

Sins of a Wicked Duke

“I wish for adventure. I wish to matter. I wish for a home.”

Fallon is lovable despite her trying to be tough which is understandable because of how difficult her life was. Dom is a wicked rake. Together they sizzle amidst questions on how that can happen since Fallon is a footman at his home. The book did not disappoint.



Part-Time Marriage by Jessica Steele

Part-time Marriage by Jessica Steele is an odd story, almost all about work schedules and such.

Part-Time Marriage

I just wanted to know how they will end up so I skimmed and proceeded to go to the end part. 😁

This was a part of my “to read old books crazy phase.”