Different Generations

Do you know from what generation you belong to?

The Greatest Generation is where those born before 1928 belong to, they who fought and won (or lost) World War 2.

The Silent Generation are the people born from 1928 through 1945. They are also known as the “Children of the Great Depression and World War 2”. They are said to be “silent” because most of them are conformists and has a striking contrast with baby boomers.

The Baby Boomers are those born after World War 2 and around 1964, when the birth control pill was first introduced to the market.

Generation X are those born from 1965 to 1980. They are also called the GenXers.

Millenials or the Generation Y refers to those born after 1980. They grew up during the time of the World Wide Web.

Generation Z are called digital natives or those born from 1995 onwards. These young folks grew up in time social media. They can also be referred as the ‘Google generation.’ If you want to know all kinds of fender rumble series they are the resource people to go to.

Finding Inspiration

For me, finding inspiration is not difficult to do. This is a matter of personal perspective of course but when we look around us and find beauty in the little things that do not seem to have any significance, we find inspiration.


When my youngest child plays the guitar with her soulful interpretation of some songs, it brings tears to my eyes that she is able to do these things, taught herself to do these things, unaided by us. She “studies” musical pieces and even looks for hardware that can help her with her musical abilities (read more here for additional info)

Dangers of Mine Tailings Dam Failure

What is mudflow?

Mudflow is the flow of water that contains large amounts of suspended particles and silt… They may rush down a mountainside at speeds as great as 100 kilometers (60 miles) per hour and can cause great damage to life and property.”

Mudflows are caused by earthquakes, heavy rains, explosions, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Mudflows also happen when mine tailings or mine dumps give way due to heavy rains as its pipes and walls fail to contain its toxic contents.

Mudflow from mine tailings dam failures do not only happen to big mining companies, this catastrophe also happens to small-scale mining businesses that have no proper environmental compliance certificates and government-issued permits. Negligence and cost-cutting practices are among the main reasons that cause these man-made disasters.

Heavy rains and mine tailings dams

Heavy rains pose danger to mine tailings dams. Dave Chambers, an engineer and geophysicist at the Center for Science in Public Participation told Frontline that “the most common failure mechanism of mine tailings dams is related to hydrologic events — that is large storms that basically overwhelm the storm retaining capacities that the dam was designed for.”

Impact on the environment

The massive environmental impact of mine tailings are widely documented — red, yellow, orange colored waterways, mountains with big gaping holes, and lands flattened by mudflows.

These damages to the environment are irreversible: erosion, formation of sinkholes, contamination of the soil and water and loss of biodiversity.

More about Dangers of Mine Tailings Dam Failure in this article

Baking with Maya Mixes

If you find it a bit difficult to find time to measure ingredients for baked goodies, fret not, you can use Maya Mixes like Banana Cake Mix and Whole Wheat Pancake Mix. 

You will usually just need an egg, half a cup of water and a few tablespoons of cooking oil.

Here is a Banana Cake:

Photo posted in an article in my food blog.

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Photo posted in an article about Whole Wheat Pancakes in my food blog.

No copyright infringement done because photos are mine. Both photos posted in my food blog, Tummy Fillers, Plateful of Fun.

Soft Tacos

We love to have uncommon food sometimes, not just rice + viand, a Filipino staple during meals.

Soft tacos or Tortilla Wraps is just about right for this family with three children who are also open to have a variety of food served:

Head over to my food blog to see how these Soft Tacos or Tortilla Wraps are prepared.