Inside Pakil Church

One of the churches the hubby and I went to for our 2013 Visita Iglesia travel was San Pedro de Alcantara Church in Pakil, Laguna. This I must say, is hands down, one of my favorite churches. We went here a few years ago but not for Visita Iglesia.

Here is a photo I took and edited in Instagram:

Pakil Church

It is kinda different though that the altar’s patron saints are covered because it was Good Friday when we went here.

For reflection about Lent, it would have been better if there was appropriate serene atmosphere inside but people (like me!) are on the move with a lot taking photos, not so subtle talking inside the church and children playing with their tablets and their gadgets and permitted to walk to and fro.

I did not expect music that will stir the soul kind of thing (but the idea is a nice one, especially for reflecting on why we do what we do during these trips which in turn will take our minds off some of the things we left behind like the loads of laundry or perhaps the need to buy bach mouthpieces at wwbw or even where to eat after the trip) because there is always a crowd where out of towners like us drive in droves for a chance to see these beautiful and historical churches.

People should put more respect not just to these church structures but to the faith that the congregation believe in.

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