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A Killer Closet by Paula Paul Book Review

A Killer Closet by Paula Paul is nice enough for a cozy mystery. I did not get the clue though which pointed out who the bad guy was 🙄

Envy by Sandra Brown Book Review

Envy Sandra Brown this plot was written precisely like a book within a book. The reader needs all faculties present to be able to understand the flow.


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Forbidden Surrender by Carole Mortimer book review

Forbidden Surrender by Carole Mortimer book review

Forbidden Surrender book review http://greenbucks.info

There is less of the heartache, speculations and the drama if only people are more forthright with their feelings and situations. On the other hand, there are some things that are not and should not be readily shared to other people. Forbidden Surrender is just like that. Separated twins and agreements between the main characters as well as confused feelings are what kept the story interesting.

Easy reading.

Liam’s Secret Son book review

Liam’s Secret Son by Carole Mortimer

Liam's Secret Son

As with Harlequin books where the Alpha Male thinks he can get away with whatever he wants, this book shows how he does it. Very male, physically above average and intelligent (aren’t all Alpha Males like this in books), Liam came back into Laura’s life the same way he came into hers the first time. Laura, more mature and more sophisticated, still felt something for him. Liam does not know she has a son with him. Laura does not know the circumstances on Liam’s first marriage.

They do still have feelings for each other after all those years, that much was true. How they came together again is pretty much predictable as with books of this genre.

Why I keep reading these books is something that I can’t answer. I probably just like complicated romance from an era without mobile phones and Social Media.

All Dressed in White Book Review

All Dressed in White by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

All Dressed in White book review

All Dressed in White started with the time that the bride, the focal point of Under Suspicion topic, was preparing for her wedding.

I wasn’t able to guess the whodunit in this book unlike the previous book, I was looking at the person closest to doer of the crime. I also like the plot of the other book because this one was less exciting and more dramatic. The love of a mother to her child is something that will touch the readers of this book. The loss of a loved one without closure, without any known reasons is one that tends to break relationships and feel an emptiness that can not be filled unless questions have been given definite answers.

All in all, 3.5 stars.