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Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts Book Review

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts awkward in some instances but the plot, which is predictable was ok for me. It is a good read for something light.

Burn by Linda Howard Book Review

BURN Linda Howard Cael Traylor is a secret some kinda black ops and Jenner Redwine, lottery winner on a cruise with Silver Mist with a friend who was not able to join her because she was abducted.


The Cosy Teashop at the Castle by Caroline Roberts Book Review

The Cosy Teashop at the Castle. Caroline Roberts. Predictable light romance, it felt a bit dragging but good enough for light reading. Took me a few days to finish.

A Killer Closet by Paula Paul Book Review

A Killer Closet by Paula Paul is nice enough for a cozy mystery. I did not get the clue though which pointed out who the bad guy was 🙄

Envy by Sandra Brown Book Review

Envy Sandra Brown this plot was written precisely like a book within a book. The reader needs all faculties present to be able to understand the flow.


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