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We went to the Batangas Racing Circuit to watch some real, live action motor sport race. There wasn’t any car races yesterday, just motorcycle races. We saw the under bones first (called scooters here) with smaller displacements. 150-200 cc if I am not mistaken.

Then the Super Bikes came. These are no ordinary motorbikes, having 1000cc (or a little less than that, I am not sure) displacements. These motor bikes sound different, in fact to me, these sound great!

Below is a photo of the guys riding on super bikes, pardon the blur, had to resize the photos but these look great when seen through the original size:


Click here for an article about the race.

Click here for my other WS photos and here for the WS site. Thanks and have a great week.

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  3. Hubby rides a motorcycle for fun but I am 100% against it since he had an accident on this same circuit last year. Just now, he just got back from Bataan. Hindi ako mapakali when he goes out riding which is not often naman. Kakatakot talaga.

  4. Thanks, Abie.

  5. Rachel, Julian was asking where the cars were in the race since there was a Porsche near the tracks, lol!

    Next time, punta ako sa house mo, I will invite myself 😀

  6. Thanks, Anna.

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  8. living here in florida, it’s not uncommon to see big bikes on the freeway. grabe, mas mabibilis pa talaga sila kesa sa kotse (at mas maiingay, hehe). great capture julie! 🙂

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  9. It must have been exciting watching that race. We haven’t been there as a family but Jules was able to go there a few years ago with friends.

    BTW, we weren’t able to go to Megamall anymore after the party yesterday. Yohan was tired already and wanted to go home.

  10. Wow! Looks like fun..Great shot.. Thanks for sharing..
    Mine is up:
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