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No Topics to Blog About?

I remember writing about Blogging with Passion two years plus a few days ago. Having re-read that post I wrote, the same situations I mentioned in some parts still exist today. And if I dare say the situations have even worsened, well, it is though I will not go into details anymore because these would be hearsay.

Ah yeah, the gatecrash-ing really happens, it DOES HAPPEN and I’ve seen it with my own eyes just a few days ago.

We can’t say we don’t have topics to blog about. One does not need to go to every event invite to be able to write about something in their blogs. There is much happening around us to even say we can’t think of a topic to write about. If you think there is not too many happenings around you, make time to make things happen!

How? Take up a hobby and write about it. Enrol in a fitness programs and blog about it.  Move your furniture around and blog about it. Go to the market and blog about how others may benefit from haggling and how to spot the freshest fish. You have a passion for shoes? Blog about it. And what about that ham you prepared that everyone was crazy about?

As I have written before, live passionately and write about what you are passionate about.

Here are more things to be passionate about that will give you ideas on what to write about:

You can write about the food you prepared at home or even about the photos you took. Why, you can write about how being a mom or a dad has changed you. You can blog about your cat as well as blog about the things you purchased at bargain stores. Blog about your Christmas tree if you may, as well as the half chaps, the flipflops on sale and that gorgeous dress at half the price you got last week.

If you live passionately, there is a lot to blog about because you are inspired, because you are happy and not groggy the morning after because you were out till almost midnight somewhere for a product launch of something you don’t even use or can’t afford to buy personally.

Keeping Small Businesses Afloat

Small businesses can thrive because of their satisfied clients’ recommendation and word-of-mouth advertising. On the other hand, these small businesses will also have to deal with clients’ bad-mouthing them through online forums and blogposts especially when these customers were unsatisfied with their services.

After all those hard work, expenses with advertising, display banner stands, networking online and offline, being extra nice to people and working long hours only to be destroyed by a post or a tweet. That’

I’m not sure if I like the way online communities “talk” about some topics, whether in a good light or otherwise. Some people post things online that go viral and make things worse instead of having two conflicting ideas meet in the middle. The kuyog or online mob mentality is also something which no one wants to be at the receiving end.

I guess, it has to be a two-way street, don’t join online mob mentality so you won’t be the subject of one.

Of course, there’s no stopping others saying what they think and stating their opinions but in doing so, WE should proceed with caution lest we hurt others without knowing what the real score is all about.

Facebook Timeline

So you’ve heard about Facebook Timeline and you want one? Here’s how to get your own Facebook Timeline. The easier way would be to find friends who already have and just click a button whereabouts his/her page so that you can get yours too.

Here is my current Facebook Timeline Cover Photo:

My Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Pixie Pixels or Photo Stories is my photo blog.

At first Facebook Timeline looks weird, because it looks like an online magazine with different sections. It takes some time to get used to it. The wonderful thing is, it is like blogs, with archives according to year and month. For bloggers like me who are used to having archives, this is a great tool should I need to go “back in time” and look for that link I shared some time ago. It may be that link about a funny video on YouTube, the appetite suppressants for men I shared with a friend or something interesting in a link I shared that I have to write about.

Did you get annoyed with the new Facebook changes? I did, still am, with that ticker box that’s like a Stalker Haven, 😀



Everyone who has a Google+ account has been raving about why they like it. I for one like the Circles part although I must say I am baffled as to why people are adding me in their circles when I don’t know them at all.

Of course, I would not abandon Facebook especially since I have a big “garden” to tend and my family, close friends (and clients too) are there.

Some things I like about Google+

  • Google+ is the place where I don’t see those annoying tagged products for sale.
  • Google+ is where I don’t get game requests for games I’d rather not see not because I don’t want to but because I might get hooked 😀
  • Google+ is where I don’t read about the nonsensical babble of people who rant on and on about what they ate, where they went, and what they think about about topics that don’t held my interest
  • I’ve read articles and watched videos that were shared in Google+ and I must say I’m learning knew things when I click these links

As of now, I pretty much don’t participate actively yet in the discussions nor put links from my blogs because I’m still feeling my way there.

One thing though for me, please Chrome, stop crashing, I beg you.

I’m Back!

I’m back for some blog loving!

I know, it has been too long since I have this blog updated. Been busy. Chos.

First off, I’m less a PR ranking. Tut-tut, I still value Page Ranks, I’m that old-fashioned, I tell ya.

So I’m gonna be reading more on topics that get my interest (yes, and not just almost only about diet pill that works), put my thinking cap on and put it to good use, brush up on the writing thingamajig and blog.

I just hope the writing fairy will get to visit me more often.