Was A Lesson Taught and Learned Here?

She has been holding on to that thousand bucks for several months. Money was given by her godmothers when they had dinner one hot Saturday night last summer.

She wanted to give it to her mother then, to add to her tuition expenses. Her mom declined, and told her to keep it so she could buy what she needs.

A month ago, she bought a jacket, a hoodie which will be used to school because the classrooms can be very cold.

She insisted on giving to her mom what was left of her money, almost two thirds of the original amount. Again, she was told to keep it so she can get whatever else she needs for herself.

A few days ago, the mother went to her school to get the first trimester grades.

The grades are good, better than last year’s first trimester grade.

The mother was excited and can’t wait to go to tell the family waiting for her.

But the teacher dropped a bomb.

Being the graduating class’ elected treasurer, the fund she has collected from her classmates’ daily allowance got stolen. Of course, she was responsible for that lost money, no matter if they knew who got it but do not have proof.

The thing is, she didn’t tell her parents about what happened. They felt devastated when they knew of it.

When they asked why she didn’t tell them, she said she was afraid they would get mad.

Of course they got mad. Not just because she did not do her responsibilities well in keeping the fund safe but because she did not tell them the truth.

She won’t even tell how much of the fund was stolen and only did so when her mother cornered her.

She insisted she knew it was her responsibility. She still has her money with her and that would be almost enough to cover for the stolen funds. That new pair of jeans would have to wait for now.

That night when the secret was out, her mother talked to her. Advised her. The daughter insisted on giving her little treasure to cover majority of the stolen funds. She was being given a bill that would cover the majority of the stolen fund.

She didn’t want to accept what was being offered to her.

She said she was ashamed because she knew that that bill being given to her was taken from the wallet containing other bills being kept to pay for her second semester’s tuition fee due in a few days.

Her mother insisted and reassured her she will not tell her father about it. She was told to think that the amount being given to her would be for the new pair of jeans.

She accepted but not wholeheartedly. She even insisted on giving it back a day later but her mother would not hear of it.

Now she is ready to give back what was stolen when she comes back to school.

Would she be able to do it with some pride left in her?

Did the mother do the right thing, giving her daughter money in secrecy, to add to what has to be paid from that stolen fund?

Was the mother able to teach her daughter a lesson or not?

Do you think the daughter is a responsible person?

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  1. Thanks for the answer, Maiylah. 🙂

  2. thanks Arlene 🙂

  3. Lovelyn, my apologies. My spam catcher is unpredictable. Hindi ko alam bakit ikaw at yung isa ang blogger ang laging pinag-iinitan nito 🙁

  4. I agree about the responsibility issues, Rachel, even adults at times forget what their responsibilities are.

  5. i have to admit i don’t like the way the mother treated the situation … her daughter sounds like a responsible kid, just that this one time she (like everyone else) made a mistake.

  6. ijst mademy answer awhile back.

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  8. Ciao Teacher Julie,

    Here’s my long post for the WEEKLY QUESTION 19, 20 AND 21: http://myracounteurattempt.blogspot.com/2008/10/weekly-question-19-and-20.html


  9. Hi Julie. This is a tough one.

    I don’t want to judge the mother’s decision. I’m sure she has her daughter’s best interest at heart.

    Responsibility is a big thing that even adults find challenging at times. I hope that this experience will help her become more responsible in the future.

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