Annoying People

Yes, there are many annoying people we have met. Of course, we can not remove the fact that we ourselves can be annoying to some people too.

Before I get lost enumerating why others find me annoying (hehehe… I know about this of course) let me just ask the Weekly Question:

Who is the most annoying person that you have been unfortunate to have met in person?

My answer:

Now there is this person who I find annoying and I even Plurked about it last Friday night but BrownFoot dealt with him already.

Now, this one tops the list. Just thinking about this person is making my heart race faster and I can feel my annoyance grow as I am encoding these words. Seriously. And to think I hear her every Monday and Wednesday when i go to work. Oh gosh, why does she have to be there when I am there too?

She takes so much time yakking, blabbering and yapping about her son. (Of course, mothers are like that, they can talk about their child(ren) till eternity but there should be a limit to this) Even I can tired of talking about my chidren and to think I have three.

About blabbering about her son, she talks for more than an hour, almost nonstop, then would abruptly stop and say “Oh, by the way, I am in a hurry” or in Filipino, “Pasensiya ka na, nagmamadali ako, I really have to go”. Eh paano pa kapag hindi siya nagmamadali?

When the therapists are talking to her, telling her what they did during their therapy, she interrupts them, telling them how good her son is, how he is the best, how she thinks there is really no problem at all. WTH? Why do they have to have these therapy services and why does the son take medications if there are no problems?

The son is equally annoying too. I know this shouldn’t be my thought because I am after all a teacher but even Kuya R, who helps in running the center and is normally cool with these children, losses his cool on this kid. The son is tall, in fact one would think he is around 9 when in fact he is just 7. He grabs the toys or books other children are using. He gets so many books and toys and does not return them. All happening in front of the mom who is so busy yakking and blabbering and not telling her son to stop pestering everyone what he is doing. Some moms are even afraid of this kid for their own children.

There you go, I could go on and on, blabbering like her but you might be getting annoyed with my post already 😀

Thanks for joining the WQ. Hope everyone will have an enjoyable and productive week, sans annoying people 🙂

7 Responses to Annoying People

  1. Yeah… I am not annoying… Other people just tend to get on my nerves quite often. Saying the dumbest sh*t ever. Like this kid in my class.. We were sitting here waiting for our teacher to tell us to do work and my friend had hairspray sticking out of her purse and it was a really expensive kind. Well he takes it out and sprays a whole lot into the back of the kid sitting next to him.. Like in the back of his head and i was like stop. He put it back in her purse and he touched it with his index finger and his middle finger and said “I wish tang smelled this good.” Okay like seriously??? I was like. When are you gonna learn to grow up and he said “Why don’t you stop being a bit*h to everybody. And i was like UUh if you haven’t noticed i’m only a bit*h to you! God i wanna hit him!

  2. Ciao Teacher,

    I hope this comment could get through. Here’s my answer:


  3. Wow! Grabe Miss Julie! That is some mom…Monster Mom, indeed!

    I guess she must lack attention when she’s at home then, or is probably guilty because she doesn’t pay attention to her kid at home. But for whatever reason she may be that way I hope she can see the error in her ways…

    Mine isn’t up yet but I hope to get around to it though…I’m still thinking about what to write because it seems that I have a lot to write about! Hehehehe

  4. Naku Rachel, everyone in the center is annoyed with that monster mom. One person you would really love to hate.

    I think she is the one needing the therapy services and medication for her behavior. Seriously.

  5. bertN, that is the opposite with other people. Some easily get annoyed as they grow older and have no patience for minute mistakes, hahaha…Or is it just me talking about myself?

    Thanks for the visit 🙂

  6. I don’t blame you for being irritated with that lady, judging by the way you described her. I used to be irritated with a former colleague too. I wrote about him on my entry.

  7. Lucky for me, because my tolerance for annoying people grows in proportion to my age. Tough luck for others, as I grow older I get to be more annoying without meaning to be LOL.

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