How to Look Busy at Work Part 2

Part 2 of How to Look Busy at Work

Keeping yourself preoccupied with other tasks that are not work-related for a whole day or several days is a big no-no. You need to distribute the times you will find time to chat with your friend, or update your profile on you social networking site, if these sites are allowed.

If these are not allowed, uses a proxy to surf the net which you can get for free to help you avoid detection.

Or, have your own wi-fi enabled mobile phone (if there is wi-fi) or netbook (with your own mobile connectivity) where you can check sites that matters most to you (yes, like that treatment for acne site your little sister is pestering you about).

Have props. If you are just going to the bathroom, or have a smoke in the smoking lounge, or visit a friend in another department, bring something with you, like a clipboard or a folder with documents inside to give the impression that you are busy.

Take note of the way you encode. Encoding emails make people encode faster, not unlike when encoding reports, so careful pecking of the keys should be done to ensure the words are being thought about and deliberated.

Keeping busy at work even if one is not actually busy is not an easy task but with time and practice, these things get polished.

Just make sure you deliver what needs to be delivered or else, you would be really busy doing a lot of things.

Or be out of job for slacking too much while on the job.

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