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Iconpop Quiz

Iconpop Quiz is F.U.N.

iconpop quiz

Photo first uploaded here.

The kids and the kids-at-heart had so much fun playing the app ūüėÄ

You can download Iconpop for Android here and from iTunes here.

Online Safety

Has it ever felt to you that doing things in the past seems better than having the high-tech gadgets we have now?

Take for example doing book reports for high school students.When I was in high school, I have read a lot of books which I borrowed from the school library. I wrote the book reports myself, using my version of a PC or a netbook: my crickety typewriter. I graduated to using a electric typewriter in college, hah, I was high tech then.

Anyway, we were not only “studious” then, but we were resourceful, motivated and we worked hard. In other words, we didn’t copy and pasted works written by others but we wrote original thoughts and did original written works. And we had ¬†that sort of security that our works were not digitally copied though being copied by classmates was highly likely to happen, lol.

Nowadays though, it is so easy for others to just get information that are not their in the first place. I have been doing a lot of reading about these things like electronic pickpocketing, the use of ESET Smart Security, and the use of parental controls among others to better protect our family from being victims of electronic theft.

A few ways to protect online safety:

  • do not divulge personal information like home address, work address, schools of children online
  • if you feel you need to be a part of the social media, be discreet and have your online accounts accessible only by friends you personally know
  • change your passwords every now and then and use a combination of alphanumeric characters that are unreadable

Ed Sheeran

I came across Ed Sheeran’s video “The A Team” a few months back when I was looking for new artists (new to me that is) to listen to after I looked at some photos on tube amp at Musician’s Friend. I listened to a few more songs and I love his songs that are easy to listen to and sing with too. I even recommended that the youngest child who loves to play guitar should listen to his songs.

And now The A Team” is¬†nominated¬†for Grammy Song of the Year. Wow.

My fave Ed Sheeran song is Lego House:

I honestly thought Ed Sheeran is Rupert Grint’s name as a singer, haha. Sorry.


No Topics to Blog About?

I remember writing about Blogging with Passion two years plus a few days ago. Having re-read that post I wrote, the same situations I mentioned in some parts still exist today. And if I dare say the situations have even worsened, well, it is though I will not go into details anymore because these would be hearsay.

Ah yeah, the gatecrash-ing really happens, it DOES HAPPEN and I’ve seen it with my own eyes just a few days ago.

We can’t say we don’t have topics to blog about. One does not need to go to every event invite to be able to write about something in their blogs. There is much happening around us to even say we can’t think of a topic to write about. If you think there is not too many happenings around you, make time to make things happen!

How? Take up a hobby and write about it. Enrol in a fitness programs and blog about it.  Move your furniture around and blog about it. Go to the market and blog about how others may benefit from haggling and how to spot the freshest fish. You have a passion for shoes? Blog about it. And what about that ham you prepared that everyone was crazy about?

As I have written before, live passionately and write about what you are passionate about.

Here are more things to be passionate about that will give you ideas on what to write about:

You can write about the food you prepared at home or even about the photos you took. Why, you can write about how being a mom or a dad has changed you. You can blog about your cat as well as blog about the things you purchased at bargain stores. Blog about your Christmas tree if you may, as well as the half chaps, the flipflops on sale and that gorgeous dress at half the price you got last week.

If you live passionately, there is a lot to blog about because you are inspired, because you are happy and not groggy the morning after because you were out till almost midnight¬†somewhere¬†for a product launch of something you don’t even use or can’t afford to buy personally.

Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop XGames at X Games Los Angeles 2012

For those who love Hot Wheels:

I remember “LIKING” some photos in Instagram. Woot! Totally rad!