Dinner Candles

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like seeing the sparkle of dinner candles. I definitely would love to have these on our dinner table but not nearly possible since we always have fans when we eat because of the summer heat.

candle sparkle

I have been to several lovely dinner with friends these past weeks. Each and every time we go out is special because we always have something great to talk about.Last night we had a great time during dinner with other bloggers.

Fun though these times are, it seems as if I hear the word “phentremene” for every bite I take 😀 And I seriously have to ask my daughter to leave the room I am in because she is carrying a big bag of sour cream and onion potato chips.

8 Responses to Dinner Candles

  1. I love the sparkle of it … it looks really nice! It’s shimmering and glitzy!

  2. That is a lovely picture with lots of sparkle! I love sparkling candles too!

  3. I thought you were showing the sparkles on the glass.

    LOL on the onion potato chips.

  4. sparkly and in this context very romantic.

  5. ang morantic naman 🙂

  6. Like that shot and is that a sparkling wine too? ^_^ Happy Saturday!


  7. I like your candle picture, but that sparkly tumbler is pretty good, too.

  8. Your mention of dinner with other bloggers remind of someone I knew who once talked of “cyber-friends” and “meat-space friends”… 😀

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