Preparing for a Prom

I am looking at several silver tiara photos to get an idea what to get for my daughter to wear for her prom. She said they were asked to wear tiaras because they will be wearing formal gowns.

This prom is taking a lot of time to prepare, especially since they had to shell out an unusually big amount of money to pay for the venue. My daughter and her batch mates sold a LOT of raffle tickets to cover these expenses. We only shelled out less than a thousand pesos to cover everything.

Good thing we were able to borrow a gown which is exactly in the color she chose since each of them chose a color so there would be little duplication. Rehearsals every Saturdays for the cotillion dance also took up a lot of time and resources.

Prom will be next week and we are all excited.

Here is a checklist of what we needed to prepare for the prom:

  • payment for prom expenses (if this is a bit high like in the case of my daughter’s class, they should think of ways to raise funds for the expenses)


  • gowns for the ladies and suit for the guys. If you can rent, then rent. If you can borrow, borrow. If you can afford to buy your children a gown or a suit, then so be it.


  • for the ladies, canvass salons who do hair and makeup and set an appointment. You don’t want to go there with a line of ladies waiting to be made up because it so happened other schools are having their proms on the same day. If you can do the makeup on your young lady, then you save on some.


  • shoes. Buy or borrow comfortable shoes. If the young ladies are used to wearing 4-5inch heels as fashion dictates this trend, then so be it. But according to my daughter: She’d rather wear something that feels comfortable than wear something in fashion but will make her fall flat on her face and leave her with a broken heel.


  • canvass store that sell accessories that go best with the clothes like colored faux gems and stones, sterling silver jewelry, semi-precious stones. Or see what you have in your stash before you buy.

Proms are special events that young people experience. We have to help them make it less stressful by giving them all the help we can give.

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