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Filipino Food

Filipino food is a fusion of different tastes and influences. At best it is grand and has a lot of ingredients complementing each other. In its simple form, it is presented with one major ingredients while the rest are just flavors and sauces.


We love pairs that complement each other and I have enumerated some in this article I wrote: Pares-Pares na Pagkaing Pinoy

Stark, our Belgian Mallinois dog


Have you met Stark yet? He is currently our pet. He is a Belgian Mallinois and in need of behavior modification. Hah, to say he needs the process is an understatement, he needs intense behavior modification techniques. He is chained here because the big gate is open and we can’t risk having him run outside.

He is too much energetic and has a predilection to biting a tree trunk when he is barking intensely. He loves anything that is on the floor. Anything.

For now, he loves running. He rarely walks. He gets exercise by running and by jumping in between the grills of the fence to bark at people walking on the street. I hope it will still be years before he is prescribed a carpaquin.

Finding Inspiration

For me, finding inspiration is not difficult to do. This is a matter of personal perspective of course but when we look around us and find beauty in the little things that do not seem to have any significance, we find inspiration.


When my youngest child plays the guitar with her soulful interpretation of some songs, it brings tears to my eyes that she is able to do these things, taught herself to do these things, unaided by us. She “studies” musical pieces and even looks for hardware that can help her with her musical abilities (read more here for additional info)

Mini Shell Eco-Marathon Car

A week and a half ago, we went to visit the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon for half a day of fun and learning new things.

This is a photo of my husband’s hands (L) and my son’s hands (R) starting to assemble the son’s mini-SEM car which runs on saltwater fuel. Cool, I know.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

I challenged the son to try to make his own mini-car and I would love to take him to a hardware store to get the tools and materials he would need. Yes, that is a store I prefer going and looking at this website gives me ideas on what to see whenever I have the chance to go to one.

Gift Suggestions for Your Special Man

If you are in a bind on what to give your special man this Christmas, here are a few suggestions:

  • gadgets, whether a mobile gadget, a tablet, a power bank or a new external storage drive, your techie man will surely love any of these things
  • shoes for the sporty guy, especially if there is a new shoe design that promises to help him walk on air during a basketball game
  • sterling silver cuff links for the executive
  • outdoor equipment for the hiker, mountaineer and camper
  • kitchen tools for the man who is at ease in the kitchen
  • car accessories for the “family driver”

No matter what you give, bear in mind that whatever it is that makes your special man happy, follow what your instinct. Be sure to save up first of course especially if his tastes are quite expensive 😀