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I once chanced upon this little girl walking in front of the house one late summer day. She was wearing an undershirt and an underwear plus a pair of pink flip flops. I immediately took two photos of her and this was one of them (the other photo she was standing up so I didn’t choose to upload because I thought it was a little indecent for a little girl) :


I want to know your thoughts about this photo. What can you say about this?

My thoughts:

Little girls should not be allowed to roam around clad like that. Granting it was summer time and it is really hot and humid here in the Philippines, still, wearing something like this should be done within the confines of the home.

Little girls like that should not be allowed to go out alone, unaccompanied.

I do not like to “judge” parents who do not look after their children especially when they are out on the streets but for me, this is not the proper way to look after young children who are vulnerable to the dangers that await them.

I shudder to think about preschoolers being kidnapped, raped, mutilated and killed. When i see young children roaming the streets, I just hope that they would be safe from these dangers.

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  4. Thank you for answering the question and sharing about the story of another little girl. May this serve as a lesson to parents out there.

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  12. Yes, it is a pity. But then again, she shouldn’t have been out like that if it weren’t for her parents.

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  16. it’s a pity, really. the girl may not be aware that it’s not proper for her to leave the house with her undies or maybe she doesn’t have pants to put on?

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  23. i agree with your thoughts. it’s very dangerous these days, to be alone, especially for a little girl. and i hate to say it but the phedophilia thing is very active so tsk, tsk for whoever is responsible for this girl.

    btw, i’ll link you up, i find your blog very pleasing to the eye. do the same if you can! thanks.

  24. Hi Teacher Julie,

    I’ll participate as a commenter nalang this week.
    Since I have not walked the shoes of the parents of this little girl, it’s hard for me to judge. I don’t know if the parents have fallen in hard times and not be able afford decent clothes for their girl but they still shouldn’t let her go outside like that.

    I’m sure parents in their right minds would say that little girls aren’t supposed to wander out of the house with just tank tops and underwear. Here in the States, if someone sees a child dressed like that- they can call the police.

    It makes my stomach turn to think of some sicko seeing the child.

    I finally answered the past WQ .

    Take care,

  25. Hi Julie! Here’s my entry for this week

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  27. I share your sentiments. You may find my answer here:

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