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Estranghero sa Pool

Estranghero, marami nito sa mga public swimming pools. Kahit na sa pool na pambata, dapat bantayan pa din ang mga anak dahil sa panahon ngayon maraming mga  hindi mapagkakatiwalaan.

swimming kids

Ang aking bunso, yung naka-aquamarine at ang pinsan niyang may itim na goggles. Mabuti noong nagswimming kami, yung medyo mas matatandang bata nababantayan ang mga mas bata sa kanila.

Hindi nga ba’t isa sa unang itinuturo sa mga bata ay huwag sumama o makipag-usap sa mga estranghero?

Keeping Clean

One of the most important things we mothers want to achieve is to keep the home clean and worry-free.

Why so? Because germs have no “right” to be in places where they can cause harm to people, especially children.

Here are some basic materials and steps that homemakers need to keep the sanctuary called “home” clean and safe:

  • Brooms and dust pans, mops, rags, dust cleaner, scrubs and brushes. Discarded toothbrushes are also helpful.
  • Mold killers as well as mildew killers.  Vinegar and citrus juice as nontoxic alternatives.
  • Baking soda for cleaning counter tops as well as eliminating odors in laundry.
  • A long stick broom for reaching the ceilings to get rid of unwanted cobwebs.
  • Keep those plastic grocery bags to be used as lining to trash cans.
  • Separate the trash according to characteristics: wet (fruit and vegetable peelings) dry (boxes) and recyclables (galls and plastic bottles, tin cans and other materials made of plastic).

One does not need to do a thorough cleaning up everyday, a few minutes spent on cleaning will come a long way.

Little Girl


I once chanced upon this little girl walking in front of the house one late summer day. She was wearing an undershirt and an underwear plus a pair of pink flip flops. I immediately took two photos of her and this was one of them (the other photo she was standing up so I didn’t choose to upload because I thought it was a little indecent for a little girl) :


I want to know your thoughts about this photo. What can you say about this?

My thoughts:

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