The Songbird’s Seduction

The Songbird's Seduction

3.5 stars

Although I found the plot likable, there were some things in it that made me question the time the story happened. It certainly felt like it did happen back in the 50’s.

Archie is like a geyser with so much energy and adventure-seeking spirit in him that is just waiting to come out. Lucy’s ability to reach out to others is in a way endearing. Or not,

Anyway, what I liked better was Lavinia and John’s story unfolding after 50 years. i teared up a bit when John’s letter was read:

“So I am left with nothing but to wish you happiness, my darling, to hope that any hurt I engendered healed quickly, that someone worthy of you won your heart and made you happy. If I were a better man I would hope that you forgot me. But I am not. I hope you remembered me, infrequently but kindly, because I know every day for the rest of my life I will have thought of you.”


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